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VistaEY2R Dual Iris & Face Camera

General view
VistaEY2R Dual Iris and Face Camera, general view
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Attached to a stand
VistaEY2R Dual Iris and Face Camera attached to a stand
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VistaEY2R from Vista Imaging is a multimodal biometric device that is able to capture dual iris and face images. The device features automatic tilt capability based on face tracking.

Device manufacturer specifies that VistaEY2R features LiveEye anti-Spoof Detection. Iris and face capture is performed at 23" (about 0.6 m) distance. The iris images are ISO/IEC 19794-6 compliant and face images are ISO/IEC 19794-5 compliant.

Multi wavelength infra-red illumination, distance sensing technology, integrated mirror and LED are used to improve iris images capture. Multi-positional iris illumination allowing authentication on most target subjects with eyewear. An integrated flash allows to capture faces in low-light environments. The device also includes integrated microphone and speaker that provide 16 KHz 16-bit audio I/O.

Neurotechnology SDKs allow to use the device for iris, face and voice capture. Support modules for this scanner are included in:


Device Name VistaEYR Dual Iris & Face Camera
Manufacturer Vista Imaging, Inc.
Distributor Corvus Integration, Inc
Connection USB 2.0
Supported OS (*) Microsoft Windows
Device size 215 x 121 x 77 mm (8.5" x 4.8" x 3.0")
Device weight
(with integrated tripod mount)
651 grams (1.4 lbs)
Iris scanner
Iris capture distance 59 cm (23")
Iris image size (*) 2 images, 640 x 480 pixels
Eye illumination Multi wavelength infrared
Face capture camera
CMOS sensor resolution 5.0 Megapixel
Face image size 1920 x 2560 pixels

* This value is obtained when using Neurotechnology products. Device manufacturers may specify different value for this specification.

Other Vista Imaging devices

Neurotechnology SDKs also include support modules for:

  • VistaEY2 – dual iris & face capture device.
  • VistaEY2-02 – dual iris & face capture device with iris liveness detection.
  • VistaEY2H – dual iris capture device with iris liveness detection.
  • VistaFA2 – single iris & face capture device.
  • VistaFA2E – single iris & face capture device, in full enclosure for advanced applications.


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