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AI-enabled electroencephalography (EEG) and Brain-computer interface (BCI) solutions

  • Shape-conforming dry-contact electrodes. No gel is required.
  • Battery-powered, wireless, and compact devices. Freedom of movement.
  • Comfortable EEG headwear. Different configurations are available for different experiment setups.
  • AI-enabled BCI algorithms. Connect your brain instantly.
  • Lab Streaming Layer support. Get an easy-to-use infrastructure for your experiments and applications.
  • SDK is available with multiple programming languages supported. Develop your own EEG/BCI applications.

BrainAccess® offers EEG solutions for brain-computer interface, human-machine interface, neuromarketing, and other applications. BrainAccess® devices feature dry-contact EEG electrodes, wireless connection, and compact form factor, which allow portable applications. Solutions come with free software providing infrastructure for a quick and easy setup of EEG/BCI experiments. A software development kit supporting multiple programming languages is also available, allowing the development of EEG/BCI end-user applications.

Currently, BrainAccess® hardware products include:

  • BrainAccess® Halo – is an integrated EEG headband with 4 acquisition channels. It features 4 dry-contact electrodes – 2 on the forehead area, and 2 positioned over the occipital cortex region. Also, there is 1 reference electrode.
  • BrainAccess® Standard Kit – includes 8-channel BrainAccess® MINI electroencephalograph and BrainAccess® CAP. The BrainAccess® CAP includes dry-contact electrodes, which can be placed at different positions as required.
  • BrainAccess® Extended Kit – offers higher density coverage of the brain cortex with 16 channel BrainAccess® MIDI electroencephalograph, also bundled with BrainAccess® CAP, which allows placing electrodes at different locations.

There are two options for BrainAccess® software:

  • BrainAccess® Board – a single-point entry application to communicate with BrainAccess® devices, view and record data, stream or receive EEG or other data to/from a network, and launch the available EEG and BCI apps.
  • BrainAccess® SDK – offers direct control and access to devices and can be used by integrators for developing specific applications. C/C++ or Python APIs are available for SDK access.
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