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BrainAccess Solutions

AI-enabled electroencephalography (EEG) and hyperscanning solutions

  • Shape-conforming dry-contact electrodes. No gel is required.
  • Battery-powered, wireless, and compact devices. Freedom of movement.
  • Comfortable EEG headwear. Different configurations are available for different experiment setups.
  • Hyperscanning capabilities. Simultaneous synchronized EEG measurements from a group of people.
  • Lab Streaming Layer support. Provides an easy-to-use infrastructure for your experiments and applications.
  • Direct access to EEG data. Effortlessly access and integrate data for streamlined experimentation.
  • SDK is available. Multiple programming languages supported. Develop your own EEG/BCI applications.
  • AI-enabled BCI algorithms. Harness the power of AI-driven algorithms for seamless interaction.
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Connect your brain to the computer! AI-enabled electroencephalography (EEG) and
Brain-computer interface (BCI) solutions, human-machine interface applications.

BrainAccess offers EEG solutions designed for research, brain-computer interface development, neuromarketing, and beyond. BrainAccess devices feature dry-contact EEG electrodes, wireless connectivity, and a compact form factor ensuring truly portable applications. Our software supports Lab Streaming Layer (LSL) protocol and allows recording synchronized EEG measurements together with stimulus onsets or sensor data enabling quick and easy setup of EEG experiments. Additionally, BrainAccess facilitates hyperscanning - synchronized measurements of the brain activity of multiple people, allowing simultaneous recordings from several devices.

Currently, BrainAccess hardware products include:

  • BrainAccess Halo – a wireless, portable EEG headband with a 4-channel acquisition system that is ideal for monitoring visual cortex and eye movement activity. It is equipped with dry contact electrodes positioned over the forehead and occipital regions with reference at Fpz. The HALO also has a 3-axis accelerometer to detect head movements, and it is comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.
  • BrainAccess Standard Kit – a versatile and extremely portable EEG solution that is ideal for low-density EEG measurements or measurements over a particular cortex region. It features an 8-channel BrainAccess MINI electroencephalograph and EEG cap with dry-contact electrodes, making it easy to set up and use without the need for gel or paste.
  • BrainAccess Extended Kit – a powerful and versatile EEG solution designed for researchers. It features a 16-channel BrainAccess MIDI electroencephalograph and EEG cap with dry-contact electrodes. It is ideal for full-coverage EEG measurements or high-density measurements over a particular cortex region.
  • BrainAccess Extended+ Kit – maintains the same form factor as Extended Kit but offers higher density coverage. It features a 32-channel BrainAccess MAXI electroencephalograph and EEG cap with dry-contact electrodes. It is ideal for full-coverage EEG measurements in research applications.

There are two options for BrainAccess software:

  • BrainAccess Board – an application for Microsoft Windows (and Linux) that can be used to interface with BrainAccess devices and undertake most of the tasks related to EEG measurements.
  • BrainAccess SDK – a collection of libraries for controlling the devices, streaming, and preprocessing EEG data. The libraries can be accessed via C or Python API. This gives the user direct control of the devices and access to EEG data and offers integration capabilities into the user's applications.
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