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Artificial Intelligence and Biometric Technologies

33 years of Research and Development in
Neural Networks, Biometrics and Computer Vision


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Face Verification 13.2 now available with a number of changes and improvements:

Release notes

October 13, 2023

Synthetic Face Dataset header image

Synthetic face dataset is now available. The AI-generated face images are not associated with real-world identities. Demographic diversity is represented.

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August 14, 2023

BrainAccess header image

BrainAccess Halo, a wireless integrated EEG headband solution for brain-computer interface applications, is now available.

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June 27, 2023


Ghana general elections
Ghana General Elections

17 million voter records deduplicated, almost 16 thousand cases of duplicate registrations identified.

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India Aadhaar ID
India's Aadhaar ID

UIDAI selected Neurotechnology and TCS to provide biometric duplicate checking and authentication for the Aadhaar ID program.

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DRC voter registration
DR Congo Voter Deduplication 2018

46.5 million voter records deduplicated, 6 million duplicates and underage records found.

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Neurotechnology was founded in Vilnius, Lithuania in 1990 with the key idea of using neural networks for applications such as biometric person identification, computer vision, robotics and artificial intelligence.

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MINEX III results header image

First place overall in MINEX III evaluation with best results in both fingerprint template generator and matcher categories.

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Contactless biometrics and identification from remote location.

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