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Face Verification

Biometric identity authentication for secure mobile and web applications

Neurotechnology Face Verification system is designed for integration of facial authentication into enterprise and consumer applications for mobile devices and PCs. The simple API helps to implement solutions like digital onboarding, payment, e-services and all other applications that need enhanced security through biometric face recognition and presentation attack detection. The library size for the devices is small and it is inclusive of all functionalities also available on the server component, with the possibility to perform authentication both online and offline.

Different liveness detection functionalities are included to implement anti-spoofing mechanism with the possibility of configuring the balance between security and usability of the application.

Available on Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, macOS and Linux platforms.

Features and Capabilities

  • Face authentication and Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) algorithms.
  • SDK featuring a compact library to develop mobile device applications.
  • Web service component for easy on-premise installation available.
  • Based on VeriLook technology with millions of deployments worldwide.
  • Simple and comprehensive API.
  • Security and privacy.
  • Presentation Attack Detection prevents spoofing.
  • ISO 19794-5 checks, age estimation, hats detection, glasses detection.
  • Programming samples in multiple languages included.
  • Licensing model based on the actual use of the system.

Neurotechnology Face Verification system is intended for developing end-user mobile and web applications which perform identity verification on personal devices (PC, mobiles, tablets) in systems like:

  • digital onboarding;
  • online banking;
  • payments;
  • shops self-checkout;
  • government e-services;
  • social networks and media sharing services.

Neurotechnology Face Verification system is based on proprietary algorithms, which provide advanced face localization, enrollment, matching and face liveness detection using robust digital image processing algorithms based on deep neural networks. The main features of the product are:

  • Simple and comprehensive API. Client and Web APIs provide operations for enrolling, verification, liveness check, quality check, importing face biometric templates generated with other Neurotechnology product, export biometric data verified on device for further authentication on smart cards that include MegaMatcher On Card library.
  • Security and privacy. Depending from the implementation, the face images and biometric templates can be stored and used either only on the end-user device, or only on server, or on both. The face images are required only for template creation and face liveness detection, thus they can be disposed just after performing these operations.
  • Certified algorithm for
    face liveness check
    iBeta badge
    Conformance letter from iBeta
    Presentation Attack Detection.
    Certified algorithm for face liveness check
    iBeta badge
    Conformance letter from iBeta
    An unsupervised face verification system can be tricked by several types of attacks. The Face Verification system is able to prevent this kind of security breach by determining whether a face in a video stream belongs to a real person in front of the camera. The liveness detection can be performed in completely passive mode, when no cooperation is required from the user, and in active mode when the algorithm, in addition to passive checks, evaluates also user's response to perform actions like blinking or head movements.
  • Advanced checks for automatic digital onboarding. Age estimation, dark glasses and hat detection can be optionally enabled for certain usage scenarios.
  • Face image quality determination. Quality checks according to Neurotechnology proprietary metric and ISO 19794-5 standard can be used during face enrollment and face liveness detection to ensure that only the best quality face template will be stored on the device or into database.
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