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Ultrasound Technologies

Neurotechnology undertakes research in the fields of ultrasonic particle manipulation, parametric sound and transducer technology. Novel algorithms, hardware and electronics solutions for ultrasonics applications are developed.

  • Parametric sound. Parametric sound systems use ultrasonic waves modulated with audio signal to reproduce sound in localized regions. Neurotechnology is developing algorithms for improving sound quality of parametric sound systems.
  • Ultrasonic particle manipulation. Ultrasonic particle manipulation is a non-contact manipulation method that uses ultrasonic waves to trap, orient and transport small objects. Neurotechnology is developing ultrasonic non-contact tweezers" – a 3D printing/assembling technology based on ultrasonic particle manipulation.
  • Ultrasonic electrostatic transducers. Ultrasonic electrostatic transducers have a wide bandwidth and are ideally suited for parametric sound systems or high-accuracy distance measurements. Neurotechnology has developed novel electrostatic transducers and their manufacturing method based on a PCB manufacturing processes.

Ultrasonic Directional Speakers

Ultrasonic directional speakers generate ultrasonic waves that are modulated with an audio signal. As the ultrasonic waves travel through air they de-modulate and sound can be heard, however the diffraction of ultrasonic waves is much smaller than audio frequency waves, so the sound coming from an ultrasonic directional speaker is constrained to a narrow beam. Listeners feel as if the sound is generated in the air just in front of them, creating a feeling of immersion and surround sound.

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Directional Speaker

A focused beam of sound.

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Ultrasonic Particle Manipulation

Neurotechnology also develops specialized ultrasound hardware for particle manipulation and other scientific or commercial uses.

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Ultrasonic Non-contact Tweezers

3D printing/assembling technology based on ultrasonic particle manipulation.

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