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Iris biometrics

In 2018, the Neurotechnology iris recognition algorithm was tested in the NIST Iris Exchange Evaluation and was recognized as the second most accurate among those tested. The accelerated version of the algorithm was nearly 50 times faster than any other matching system in the NIST IREX IX evaluation.

The proprietary iris recognition algorithm solves the limitations and drawbacks of existing state-of-the-art algorithms. It implements advanced iris segmentation, enrollment, and matching using robust digital image processing algorithms.

Irises are detected even when there are obstructions to the image, visual noise, and different levels of illumination as well as when they are gazing away. For better quality recognition, they are correctly detected, segmented, and transformed.

Technology evaluations and awards

Neurotechnology's iris recognition algorithms have continuously showed top results at NIST-backed IREX series of technology evaluations.

IREX 10 Results

In 2020 Neurotechnology's iris recognition algorithm has been judged by NIST as the second most accurate among the IREX 10 participants. The submitted algorithm featured much faster template creation and search time, and much smaller template size than the only more accurate contender. Our comments on IREX 10 participation contain more details about the results.

IREX I, III, IV and IX Results

Over the time, Neurotechnology showed perfect results in the NIST IREX, IREX III, IREX IV and IREX IX evaluations.


Neurotechnology offers these iris identiication and eye movement tracking products:

MegaMatcher SDK graphics
MegaMatcher SDK

Designed for development of large-scale single- or multi-biometric fingerprint, iris, face, voice or palmprint identification products.

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MegaMatcher Accelerator graphics
MegaMatcher Accelerator

Solution for large-scale AFIS or multi-biometric systems. Provides high-performance biometric template matching on server-side.

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MegaMatcher On Card SDK graphics
MegaMatcher On Card SDK

Multimodal biometric on card comparison.

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VeriEye SDK graphics
VeriEye SDK

Iris identification for stand-alone or client-server systems.

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NCheck graphics
NCheck products family

Employee attendance and visitor management using biometrics.

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SentiGaze SDK graphics
SentiGaze SDK

Real-time eye movement tracking using webcam and PC or laptop.

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