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IREX III Evaluation

See IREX IV Evaluation for the latest results.

In 2012 VeriEye iris recognition algorithm has been judged by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) as one of the fastest and most accurate among the participants.

The third phase of the NIST Iris Exchange (IREX) evaluated more than 86 algorithms and variations from 9 companies and 2 universities. Neurotechnology iris matching algorithm was the second fastest and provided 3 times higher recognition accuracy than the only faster contender.

The IREX III homepage contains downloadable full report of the NIST IREX III, as well as a number of IREX-related documents. Neurotechnology submitted algorithms are denoted as:

  • N02A and N03A – correspond to the VeriEye algorithm in low and medium speed configurations.
  • N02B – corresponds to the MegaMatcher iris matching algorithm in high speed configuration.
  • N04A and N11A – correspond to the MegaMatcher Accelerator iris matching algorithm in a low speed configuration.
  • N12A – corresponds to the MegaMatcher Accelerator iris matching algorithm in a high speed configuration.
  • N11B – corresponds to the MegaMatcher On Card iris matching algorithm.

See also our press release for more detailed overview.

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