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Supported iris scanners

See also the lists of supported fingerprint readers and face capture cameras.

The table below explains which eye iris scanners are supported by MegaMatcher SDK under different operating systems.

We are always looking for scanners' manufacturers to include the support for their iris scanners to our products. Please, contact us for more details.

Integrators or scanner manufacturers can also write plug-ins for the Device Manager from the MegaMatcher SDK to support their iris cameras using the provided plug-in framework. The SDK documentation contains more information about the plug-in framework.

 • BioID BioIRIS +    
 • CMITech BMT-20 / EMX-30 +    
 • HID Crossmatch I Scan 3 +    
 • Iris ID iCAM R100 / iCAM T10 / iCAM TD100 +    
 • Iritech IriShield USB MK 2120U / IriShield-USB BK 2121U + + +
 • Mantra MATISX +    
 • Mantra MIS100V2     +
 • NASPS NSP20i +    
 • Videology IDentity-1 +    
 • VistaFA2 / VistaFA2E / VistaEY2 / VistaEY2-02 / VistaEY2R iris & face cameras +    
 • VistaEY2H iris camera +    
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