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Release notes for MegaMatcher 6.0 line of products

These release notes are relevant for the following products:

• MegaMatcher 6.0 Standard / Extended SDK
• VeriFinger 8.0 Standard / Extended SDK
• VeriLook 5.7 Standard / Extended SDK
• VeriEye 2.10 Standard / Extended SDK
• VeriSpeak 3.0 Standard / Extended SDK

See MegaMatcher 13 product line release notes for the newer versions.

List of releases:

See also the list of release notes for previous versions.

December 8, 2016

Product revision: 158433

  • Fixed a number of issues related to liveness detection.
  • Fixed memory leaks occuring in certain iris segmentation scenarios.
  • Fixed view drawing issues on Windows 7 that caused GDI+ errors.
  • Fixed a number of bugs and issues in samples, NServer, ANTemplate, ANRecord and ActivationWizard.
  • Added WindowsMediaFramework support for Windows 10.
  • Added missing search paths for datafiles on Mac OS X.
  • Added GreenBit scanner support on Linux.
  • Improved Android camera functionality.
  • Changed minimal iOS version to 8.0 (previously was 8.3).
  • Updated license file extension check to be case insensitive.
  • Updated ANTemplate and ANRecord wrappers; the related error messages made more informative.
  • Upgraded JNA version.

May 16, 2016

Product revision: 148607

  • Fixed face token image cropping formula.
  • Fixed communication issues between NBiometricClient and MegaMatcher Accelerator.
  • Fixed issue with db_changed legacy NCluster API call, which sometimes caused wrong behaviour on server-side.
  • Fixed timeout to work with faces/voices capturing.
  • Fixed issue with NBiometricTask.Detect used with video frames deadlocks.
  • Fixed rare fingerprint extraction failure with some specific images.
  • Fixed Android finalizer 10 second timeout issue.
  • Improved Android app loading time.
  • Improved video capturing on modern versions of Windows.
  • Improved liveness check performance.
  • Improved wxFingersSample and iOS sample.
  • Updated Mobotix camera module: CTX values from camera now can be read from "Mobotix.CTX" string property on NImage.Info (from received video frame image).
  • Updated Vista Imaging iris scanner module with ability to return too near/far statuses.
  • Updated NEXTbiometrics module with noise cancellation support on all platforms (previously was only on Windows).
  • Updated work with more camera models for video capturing from RTSP.

March 18, 2016

Product revision: 146188

  • Fixed fingerprint segmentation handling on NServer.
  • Fixed issues on Android when stoping and starting app quickly.
  • Fixed a number of minor bugs and issues.
  • Improved performance of video capturing on Windows 10 and Windows Market applications.
  • Improved NBiometricClient and MegaMatcher Accelerator communication when using old version of server.
  • Updated Futronic FS80 module with spoof detection support.
  • Updated Integrated Biometrics fingerprint scanner support.

February 25, 2016

Product revision: 145319

  • Fixed VerifyOffline operation to correctly handle more than 2 NSubjects.
  • Added additional operations support into NServer (template creation, quality assessment, etc.).
  • Added new Android camera API for providing better performance in certain situations, as well as to eliminate some known issues with Android camera support.
  • Added MegaMatcher Accelerator backup and restore command-line tools.
  • Added DevicesSampleWX into the SDK.
  • Added support for Universal Windows Platform applications.
  • Updated NBiometricClient to support optimistic concurrency when updating templates.
  • Updated NBiometric (NFinger, NFace, etc.) with possibility to disable NBiometricClient parsing biometric data on client side.
  • Updated NBiometricClient communication to NServer or MMA – the optimization now uses connection pooling, asynchronous IO, as well as additional communication error reporting.
  • Updated Obtain and ObtainComponents licensing methods to try to provide useful information why the fail occurred in case license cannot be obtained. Please note that application code may need to be prepared to handle an error with a description message so that application would not crash in case some license is not critical for application to work.
  • Updated Lumidigm scanner integration to the latest vendor SDK.
  • Updated NEXTbiometrics scanner with Windows 7 support.

December 22, 2015

Product revision: 141993

  • Fixed a number of minor bugs and issues.
  • Added ARH FPS fingerprint scanner support on Microsoft Windows x64 and Linux x86-64 platforms.
  • Added Credence ID device support for Android.
  • Improved non-500-ppi fingerprint extraction.

November 19, 2015

Product revision: 140560

  • Fixed face template extraction in Android when mixing front and back cameras.
  • Fixed Android samples issues with hanging on some devices.
  • Fixed NdmDigitalPersonaUareU on some systems.
  • Added returning both Binarized and RidgeSkeleton images at the same time during finger template creation can now (was a single ProcessedImage before).
  • Added support for Android 6.0.
  • Added support for native Android applications without Java part (except for Single Computer license).
  • Added specifying additional licenses on NServer using Licensing.AdditionalComponents configuration parameter.
  • Added support for these biometric devices:
    • CMITech BMT-20 & EMX-30 iris cameras;
    • Corvus VistaEY2R iris camera;
    • Next Biometrics finger scanner module on Linux (x86, x86_64, armhf) and Mac OS X platforms.

October 9, 2015

Product revision: 138683

  • Fixed Android and iOS build issues.
  • Fixed NServer crash on Windows x64.
  • Fixed multiple minor bugs and issues.
  • Added fingerprint scanner support to iOS, including FbF mobileOne and SmufsBio modules.

September 16, 2015

Product revision: 137677

  • Fixed several minor issues.

September 15, 2015

Product revision: 137620

The first release of MegaMatcher 6.0 SDK line.

  • Fingerprint identification engine:
    • Passed the recent NIST MINEX III with superior results, proving its compliance with state-of-the-art standards as well as its software interoperability with other biometric software.
    • Enhanced accuracy.
    • Includes support for ISO and ANSI fingerprint minutiae templates in the fingerprint extractor and fingerprint matcher components, which lowers the cost of systems that require support for most common biometric standards.
    • Added wrong hand detection in the fingerprint segmentation process.
  • Facial identification engine.
    • Improved face liveness detection for greater accuracy with new passive, active or combination modes.
    • Improved facial feature points detection for higher reliability and speed.
    • Faster face template extraction from video streams.
    • New age estimation capabilities for using in a range of applications beyond biometric recognition.
  • Iris identification engine provides enhanced accuracy through improved iris extraction capabilities.
  • Speaker recognition engine features improvements in text-independent mode and offers a higher level of accuracy.
  • Added capturing components for fingerprint, face, iris and voice data acquisition on client side and processing on server side with corresponding Fast Extractor components.
  • Added iOS and ARM Linux operating systems support.
  • Updated licensing to work without admin privileges and external service.
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