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Release notes for MegaMatcher 4.4 line of products

These release notes are relevant for the following products:

• MegaMatcher 4.4 Standard / Extended SDK
• VeriFinger 6.6 Standard / Extended SDK
• VeriLook 5.3 Standard / Extended SDK
• VeriEye 2.6 Standard / Extended SDK
• VeriSpeak 1.2 Standard / Extended SDK

See MegaMatcher 13 product line release notes for the newer versions.

List of releases:

See MegaMatcher 4.0, 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3 product lines release notes for the previous versions.

July 1, 2013

Product revision: 104508

  • Fixed memory leak in NBiometricStandards library.
  • Fixed rare internal bugs in NCore, NBiometrics and NBiometricStandards library.

June 18, 2013

Product revision: 104031

  • Fixed rare internal bugs in NCore, NBiometrics and NBiometricStandards library.
  • Fixed several minor bugs in Java, .NET library wrappers.
  • Fixed several bugs in Biometrics and BiometricStandarts samples and tutorials.
  • Added Neurotec.Media extensions for .NET 3.5 and 4.5 frameworks.
  • Added Neurotec.Media extension for Windows 8 and Windows 8 Store applications.
  • Added support for Canon EOS family cameras and updated camera API (see DevicesSample for example).
  • Added ability to change device properties and parameters through NDeviceManager.
  • Added support for Green Bit DactyScan84c fingerprint scanner.
  • Added ability to create add network devices (RTSP cameras) to NDeviceManager without specifying connection settings in config file (see DevicesSample for example).
  • Added support for video file reading on MacOS X.
  • Added ability to directly insert templates to NClusterServer and NServer (servers will handle insertion to DB automatically).
  • Updated VistaImaging iris scanner module to include live iris detection.
  • Updated support of RTSP cameras (RTSP cameras are being used throught live555 library).
  • Updated NImage API, NImageInfo is now part of NImage.

April 26, 2013

Product revision: 101724

  • Fixed creation of FMRecord from FMRecord (some fields where not copied correctly).
  • Fixed rare internal bugs in NCore library.
  • Fixed MacOSX distribution signing.
  • Fixed possible deadlock situation when using Cross Match fingerprint scanner module.
  • Fixed Futronic fingerprint scanner module to work with scanners that not provide ability to get their settings.
  • Fixed rare ActivationWizard bug in showing badly formatted diagnostics.
  • Added new NMedia tutorials, which demonstrate creating/reading WSQ images, loading additional information for image, etc.
  • Added support for audio file reading on MacOSX.
  • Added support for Iritech IrisShield iris scanner (for Windows platform).
  • Added support for U.are.U 5100 Module and U.are.U 5160 Reader fingerprint scanners.

March 7, 2013

Product revision: 99772

  • Fixed NSRecord template cloning.
  • Fixed timeout handling in Lumidigm fingerprint scanner module.
  • Fixed failure to close communication channel with RTSP cameras.
  • Fixed capturing problems (failure to start and select available formats) with web camera on MacOSX.
  • Fixed Mobotix IP camera capturing problem - low frames per second count.
  • Fixed a rare fingerprint segmenter (NFSegmenter) crash.
  • Fixed a rare palm matcher crash.
  • Fixed minor bugs in Finger Tools, Abis (C#, VB.NET) and other samples.
  • Fixed minor bugs in NCore library.
  • Fixed license deactivation bug in Activation Wizard.
  • Added individual sample retrieval and setting to NSoundBuffer.
  • Added ability to get possible fingerprint positions for segmented fingerprints to fingerprint segmenter (NFSegmenter).
  • Added support for Vista Imaging VistaEY2H iris camera.
  • Added support for 3M Cogent CSD330 fingerprint scanner.

January 29, 2013

Product revision: 98278

  • Fixed internal bugs in NCore and NBiometrics library.
  • Fixed bugs in Activation Wizard.
  • Added new face image sharpness quality measure.
  • Added support for Cross Match Patrol and Patrol ID fingerprint scanners.
  • Updated iris segmentation, improved iris extraction speed and accuracy.
  • Updated gender classification algorithm, improved accuracy.
  • Updated voices matching algorithm, improved speed.

December 18, 2012

Product revision: 96889

The first release of MegaMatcher 4.4 SDK line.

  • Added gender recognition and 68 facial feature point extraction into face recognition engine.
  • Added voice activity detection that allows to detect when users start and finish speaking.
  • Added new interface for voice.
  • Added functionality for saving voice buffer into WAV files.
  • Added functionality for returning iris inner boundary.
  • Added new tutorial to demonstrate fingerprint features segmentation.
  • Added support for Basler scA1000-30gm and Basler BIP2-1600-25c-DN IP cameras.
  • Added new NLicensing library functions. Removed NInstaller.
  • Updated Activation Wizard.
  • Updated drivers for UPEK fingerprint devices.
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