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Release notes for MegaMatcher 4.1 line of products

These release notes are relevant for the following products:

• MegaMatcher 4.1 Standard / Extended SDK
• VeriFinger 6.3 Standard / Extended SDK
• VeriLook 5.0 Standard / Extended SDK
• VeriEye 2.3 Standard / Extended SDK
• VeriSpeak Standard / Extended SDK

See MegaMatcher 13 product line release notes for the newer versions.

List of releases:

March 3, 2012

Product revision: 84723

  • Fixed bugs in ZKSoftware and Bioca fingerprint scanner modules.
  • Fixed rare fingerprint extractor crash.

January 10, 2012

Product revision: 82720

  • Fixed memory leaks in Biometrics library.
  • Fixed iris template handling bugs in Biometrics library.
  • Fixed bugs in WSQ and JPEG2000 modules.
  • Fixed bugs in ZKSoftware and BioLink scanner support modules.
  • SegmentIris tutorials for C# and VB .NET added.
  • Futronic eFAM (FS84) fingerprint reader ethernet module and Koehlke KIAU-5110B3 fingerprint sensor are now supported.

October 26, 2011

Product revision: 79179

  • Fixed Java API according to standard naming conventions.
  • Introduced support for adding custom device modules. Since now integrator can add support for new devices. For this case device manager plugin is used. Also a sample is included to demonstrate how to use this plugin for the Device Manager.
  • Suprema BioMini Plus, ZKSoftware ZK4000 and ZK8000 fingerprint scanners are now supported

September 23, 2011

Product revision: 77577

  • Fixed bugs in Java applet:
    • applet can be manually refreshed even when several instances are working;
    • applet now can be launched on Linux OS.
  • Improved Java wrapper API: renamed some inner classes.
  • Improved NDevices library: Start/Stop sequence functionality which can be used for multiple capture operations, dual iris capture support.
  • AuthenTec AES2550, AES2660, AES2810, AES2501B fingerprint sensors are now supported with a new module. The old module renamed to AuthenTec71.
  • VistaEY2 iris and face camera is now supported.

August 30, 2011

Product revision: 76570

  • Fixed bugs in Java applet.
  • Fixed bugs in NMedia library.
  • Fixed unplug event crash in Prosilica camera module.
  • Fixed API reference and improved documentation for NImage.
  • Suprema RealScan-G10 fingerprint scanner is now supported under Microsoft Windows.

August 2, 2011

Product revision: 75615

  • Fixed matching details serialization.
  • Fixed Java wrapper bugs.
  • Cisco 4500 IP, Mobotix DualNight M12 and Prosilica GigE Vision are now supported under Microsoft Windows.

July 5, 2011

Product revision: 74856

The first release of MegaMatcher 4.1 SDK and VeriSpeak SDK.

  • Voice modality now supported by biometrics component (extracting voice records from sound samples, putting records to templates and matching of voice templates).
  • New NMedia library – audio, video capture from files and devices:
    • NImages library was merged to NMedia library. Former functionality from NImages library now can be accessed from NMedia library.
    • NImages Processing library was merged to NMedia Processing library. Former functionality from NImages Processing library now can be accessed from NMedia Processing library.
    • Sound processing support added (currently only sound level determination).
    • Devices component has now support for microphones and sound samples input from it. Added enumeration and selection of media formats for cameras and microphones.
  • Cluster Server fault tolerance was heavily updated:
    • GUI tool for holistic configuration of the cluster introduced.
    • Documentation improved for Matching Server and Cluster, including more detailed description of configuration options.
  • PowerPC processors support (Mac OS X) removed. Only x86 (32-bit and 64-bit) Mac OS X now supported.
  • Biometric capture devices support updated:
    • IP cameras support via RTSP protocol added. Axis M1114, Pixord N606 and Sony SNC-CS50 cameras now supported on Windows and Linux. Mobotix DualNight M12 IP camera supported only on Linux.
    • Futronic, Lumidigm, Cross Match fingerprint modules updated to the latest SDK manufacturers versions.
    • AET62 and AET65 fingerprint scanner modules from Advance Car Systems Ltd now supported (available through Upek module).
    • ARH AFS 510 fingerprint scanner now also supported on Linux OS.
    • Added support for L-1 DFR 2300 fingerprint scanner on Windows OS.
    • Lumidigm M31X series sensors and Lumidigm Venus M31X series sensors now supported.
    • IrisGuard multimodal device (iris scanner and camera for face capture) now supported on Windows.
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