VeriEye SDK

Iris identification for stand-alone and Web solutions

VeriEye iris identification technology is designed for biometric systems developers and integrators. The technology includes many proprietary solutions that enable robust iris enrollment under various conditions and fast iris matching in 1-to-1 and 1-to-many modes.

Available as a software development kit that allows development of stand-alone and Web-based solutions on Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS and Android platforms.

Technology Awards

VeriEye iris identification technology performance and reliability was proven in several NIST-organized competitions and technology evaluations.

IREX IV, IREX III and IREX Evaluations by NIST

  • IREX IV – in 2013 Neurotechnology's iris recognition algorithm has been judged the by the NIST as one of the fastest and most accurate among the participants. See our comments on IREX IV participation for more details.
  • IREX III – in 2012 VeriEye iris matching algorithm was the second fastest and provided 3 times higher recognition accuracy than the only faster contender. Read more.
  • IREX – in 2009 VeriEye iris matching algorithm was recognized as the fastest overall with top 3 accuracy rating and up to 7.5 times smaller template than the corresponding contenders. Read more.