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Free Fingerprint Verification SDK

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Free Fingerprint Verification software development kit is a freeware SDK designed for adding fingerprint verification functionality into various applications. The SDK is most suitable for developing biometric logon applications, but it can be used also for any other application that do not require to store more than 10 fingerprints.

The Free Fingerprint Verification SDK functionality is based on a simplified version of VeriFinger algorithm. The SDK allows reading fingerprints from scanners and performing fingerprint verification (1:1 matching) only. Quality control can be applied to accept only good quality fingerprints from fingerprint scanners.

The Free Fingerprint Verifications SDK supports Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7 operating systems for 32-bit processors.

Comparing FFV SDK and VeriFinger SDK

The Free Fingerprint Verification SDK is based on the same technology as VeriFinger SDK. The difference is that the VeriFinger SDK is a commercial SDK that offers much more capabilites for software developers.

The Free Fingerprint Verification SDK allows to develop biometric applications that verify a scanned fingerprint against a previously stored fingerprint (1-to-1 matching). The SDK does not allow to develop applications that read fingerprint images from files or perform fingerprint identification (1-to-many matching). The number of stored fingerprint templates is limited to 10 records in the application's database.

The VeriFinger SDK allows to develop a wide range of biometric applications that identify fingerprints taken from fingerprint scanner or image files against fingerprints stored in a database (1-to-many matching). Also, the VeriFinger SDK does not have any limitations on fingerprint database size and allows to develop both standalone PC-based and Web-based application that use client-server architecture.

The VeriFinger SDK contains a wrapper that allows easy transition from Free Fingerprint Verification SDK to VeriFinger SDK.

The table below shows the differences between Free Fingerprint Verification SDK and Verifinger SDK:

  FFV SDK VeriFinger SDK
Software distribution form Freeware Commercial
Technical support Free Free
Fingerprint verification (1-to-1 matching) + +
Fingerprint identification (1-to-many matching)   +
Live scanned fingerprint input + +
Fingerprint image files input   +
ANSI and ISO biometric standards support   +
Maximum fingerprint template database size 10 records Unlimited
Database type Neurotechnology proprietary Any
SDK components
Fingerprint scanner support modules + +
Programming samples + +
SDK documentation + +
Supported operating systems
Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 (for 32-bit platforms) + +
Microsoft Windows 8 (for 32-bit platforms)   +
Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (for 64-bit platforms)   +
Linux (for ARM or x86 32- and 64-bit platforms)   +
Mac OS X (for x86 32- and 64-bit platforms)   +
iOS   +
Android (for ARM-based processors)   +

Contents of the SDK

Free Fingerprint Verification SDK contains:

  • Fingerprint feature extraction and matching algorithm
  • Support modules for fingerprint scanners
  • Programming samples
  • SDK documentation

Supported fingerprint scanners

Free Fingerprint Verification SDK supports various fingerprint scanners and is able to verify a scanned fingerprint against another fingerprint stored in a database. Below is the list of supported scanners and 32-bit operating systems:

Scanner Windows
 • Atmel FingerChip +    
 • AuthenTec AF-S2 / AES4000 / AES2501B +    
 • BioLink U-Match MatchBook v.3.5 + +  
 • Biometri-CS CS-Pass +    
 • Biometrika Fx2000 / Fx3000 + +  
 • Biometrika HiScan +    
 • Cross Match Guardian USB + + +
 • Cross Match Verifier 300 / 320 + + +
 • DERMALOG ZF1 + + +
 • Digent FD1000 +    
 • DigitalPersona U.are.U 2000 + +  
 • DigitalPersona U.are.U 4000 / 4500 + + +
 • Fujitsu MBF200 +    
 • Futronic FS50 / FS60 / FS80 / FS82 / FS88 / FS90 / eFAM (FS84) + + +
 • Green Bit DactyScan 26 + +  
 • Hongda S680 +    
 • id3 Certis Image +    
 • Intech SOP1 +    
 • Integrated Biometrics LES650 + + +
 • Jstac Athena 210 +    
 • L-1 DFR 2080 / DFR 2090 / DFR 2100 + + +
 • LighTuning LTT-C500 +    
 • Lumidigm Venus Series sensors + + +
 • NITGEN Fingkey Hamster / Fingkey Hamster II / Fingkey Mouse III / eNBioScan-F + + +
 • SecuGen Hamster III / Hamster Plus / Hamster IV / iD-USB SC / iD-USB SC/PIV + + +
 • Startek FM200 + +  
 • Suprema BioMini + + +
 • Suprema RealScan-10 / RealScan-D / RealScan-S / SFR300-S / SFU300 +    
 • Tacoma CMOS + +  
 • Testech Bio-i + +  
 • TST Biometrics BiRD 3 + +  
 • UPEK Eikon / Eikon To Go / EikonTouch 300 / EikonTouch 700 / TouchChip TCRU1C / TouchChip TCRU2C + + +
 • ZKSoftware ZK6000 + +  
 • Zvetco Verifi P4000 +    

Programming samples

Free Fingerprint Verification SDK allows developers to use a wide range of programming languages in a development environment of their choice to create applications. The SDK includes programming samples in different languages for guiding the developers of biometric applications:

  • C++
  • C#
  • Visual Basic .NET
  • Visual Basic 6
  • Sun Java 2
  • Delphi 7

System requirements

  • Computer with x86 compatible processor running at 1GHz or better;
  • Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista/7 operating system;
  • Microsoft .NET framework 2.0 (for .NET components);
  • Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2005 or newer, or Microsoft Visual Basic 6 (for application development) or Delphi IDE.
  • A fingerprint scanner that is supported by Free Fingerprint Verification SDK;


Please review Software Licensing Agreement before downloading Free Fingerprint Verification SDK.

Download Free Fingerprint Verification SDK. The SDK does not require any registration or internet connection for using it.

After downloading please unpack the archive with the SDK and review the files in Documentation folder for further instructions.

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