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MegaMatcher On Card SDK

Smart card multi-biometrics

MegaMatcher On Card SDK offers matching-on-card technology that stores a person's fingerprint, iris and face templates on a smart card and performs template matching in a microprocessor embedded in the card, instead of matching biometric information on a PC processor. This method ensures that personal biometric information does not transfer to an external computer as it would in a more basic template-on-card system.

MegaMatcher On Card SDK is developed utilizing a set of ISO/IEC standards to enable interoperability with and easy integration into existing smart card and/or biometric systems.

Download MegaMatcher On Card SDK brochure (PDF)

Advantages of MegaMatcher On Card

  • PC-like verification accuracy
  • Configurable verification modes
  • Multi-biometrics support
  • Security and privacy
  • ISO/IEC standards support
  • Easy integration with existing systems
  • Different smart card platforms supported

Technology details

  • Technology Features – MegaMatcher On Card provides fingerprint, iris and face template verification and is highly configurable for different levels of accuracy, privacy and security. Read more
  • MegaMatcher On Card 3.5 SDK Contents – The SDK includes 2 smart cards with fingerprint matching engine, 1 smart card with multi-modal fingerprint, face and iris matching engine, 2 MegaMatcher On Card Fingerprint Extractor, 1 MegaMatcher On Card Face Extractor and 1 MegaMatcher On Card Iris Extractor component licenses. Programming samples and tutorials are also included. Read more
  • Fingerprint scanner support – More than 100 scanner models are supported by MegaMatcher On Card 3.5 SDK. Fingerprint scanner support modules are available for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.
  • Face capture camera support – MegaMatcher On Card 3.5 SDK supports almost any camera or webcam that is accessible via DirectShow or GStreamer interface; also a number of advanced digital cameras are supported. Read more
  • Iris scanner support. A number of iris capture cameras and multi-modal face-iris devices are supported by the MegaMatcher On Card 3.5 SDK. Read more
  • Technical specifications – The native level fingerprint matching implementation requires 6-11 kilobytes for algorithm code, less than 2,200 bytes RAM for data and 1,300-2,100 bytes for template storage. The Java Card post-issuance library for fingerprint matching requires less than 13 kilobytes for algorithm code, less than 600 bytes RAM for data and less than 1 kilobyte for template storage. Specifications for face, iris and multi-modal Java Card post-issuance libraries are also available. Read more
  • Reliability & performance tests – The fingerprint matching algorithm was tested on a subset of SONATEQ Fingerprint Database SQ FDB1-75TS1. The face matching algorithm was tested on XM2VTS database. The iris matching algorithm was tested on ND-IRIS-0405 database. Read more
  • System requirements and supported development environments – JavaCard 2.2.1 compatible smart cards are required. The PC-side requires an x86 PC with at least 128 MB of free RAM running under Microsoft Windows, Linux or Mac OS X. Read more
  • Download – MegaMatcher On Card SDK product brochure is available for download.

Licensing, prices and ordering

  • Licensing options – To develop a product based on MegaMatcher On Card technology, an integrator should obtain MegaMatcher On Card SDK. To deploy the product, the integrator should obtain only additional MegaMatcher On Card component licenses and additional smart cards Read more
  • Pricing – MegaMatcher On Card SDK license costs € 439. Prices for additional PC-side component licenses depend on their quantity. Read more
  • Pricing calculator – determines the cost of ordered products and their shipping charges. Open pricing calculator
  • Order online – credit cards, PayPal and bank transfers are acceptable. Order MegaMatcher On Card SDK

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