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Terms and Conditions

This document is effective July 27, 2010.

General Terms

  • Note that you unambiguously accept all of these terms and conditions by using information and services provided on Neurotechnology web site (referred as this web site), and/or placing order(s) for the product(s) listed on this website either online on this web site or by other means of communications.
  • These terms and conditions cover only Neurotechnology web site and Neurotechnology products. Any other web site that is linked from this web site is governed by its own terms and conditions, therefore Neurotechnology accepts no responsibility or liability for the content or operation of other web sites.
  • Neurotechnology owns the copyright, trademarks and other intellectual property rights in all material and content on this website. You may not copy, reproduce or publish the content and materials of this web site unless you have a permission from Neurotechnology.
  • You may place links to this web site unless Neurotechnology requests to remove those links.

Customer Identity

  • Private customers and representatives of business customers commit that they are adult, capable and have provided the right, correct and up-to-date information about themselves during making an order, otherwise Neurotechnology reserves the rights to cancel orders with incorrect and/or false customer information. The customers will be solely responsible for any consequenses, inconvenience and losses if they provide false or incorrect information about themselves.
  • The customer information includes:
    • full name of the person who made the order;
    • company name (if the order is made on behalf of a company);
    • email address;
    • full shipping address;
    • phone number;
    • product reference ID (for existing customers).
  • Neurotechnology does not require its customers to register on this web site at the moment, thus the Customer have to provide full and correct information during making every order. In case of email-placed orders the existing customers need to inform Neurotechnology about their address changes in advance, or the last known address will be used. See also the Privacy policy.

Licensing & Pricing

  • Neurotechnology products usage is governed by software licensing agreements that are available for the corresponding products. Licensing agreements can be reached from the licensing model page for the corresponding product.
  • The demo and trial versions of Neurotechnology products can be downloaded and used only for evaluation purposes and only during evaluation period. The commercial use requires to purchase the Neurotechnology product.
  • The prices for the products with the additional notes are published on this web site; in some cases the price is not published but available on request. Prices for some products may change from time to time; in case of change a notice will be placed on the page that lists prices for the product.
  • The prices do not include shipping charges or any taxes (including VAT or customs). Customers from European Union member countries have to pay 21% Value Added Tax (VAT) for goods and shipping services, unless they provide a valid VAT Payer's ID that corresponds their company.
  • Customers should pay for their orders in advance, unless there is a separate agreement with Neurotechnology. Once the order is paid, Neurotechnology will start the delivery process. There are two methods of payment available for the orders:
    • PayPal. The online payment for an order can be done using PayPal. This kind of payment is available for orders of up to €2,600.
    • Bank transfer. A commercial offer with all required information will be sent to the customer after the order is placed. Some further instructions may be also sent together with the commercial offer.

Order Processing

Neurotechnology will try to do its best to process a paid order as soon as possible. However some steps of the order processing do not depend on Neurotechnology, as payment processing and shipping services are performed by third party companies.

The order processing is done in these steps and time periods:

  1. The Customer places an order using Neurotechnology online ordering system or by other means of communications.
    • For the orders placed using the online ordering system all total prices for ordered products and shipping services are calculated automatically by the system.
    • If a Customer has chosen payment by bank transfer using the online ordering system or placed the order using email or other means of communications, Neurotechnology will generate and send a proforma invoice to a provided address if the product is available. If some products are unavailable at that moment, Neurotechnology will contact the Customer to arrange a possible solution before generating the proforma invoice.
  2. The Customer pays for the order using the available payment options either immediately if paying via PayPal, or after receiving a proforma invoice from Neurotechnology.
  3. Neurotechnology waits for the confirmation that the order has been paid.
    • For PayPal payments the confirmation is usually available at the same or the next business day after the payment is performed.
    • For bank transfer the confirmation is usually available from 1 to 5 business days after the transfer is performed.
  4. Once the payment confirmation is received, Neurotechnology processes the order:
    • The software products do not require shipping and can be downloaded, thus Neurotechnology will provide the Customer with download and software activation instructions for the ordered products in 2 business days after receiving the payment confirmation.
    • Some products and/or some license activation options require to ship hardware to the Customer. In this case Neurotechnology arranges the order shipping in 1 to 5 business days after receiving the payment confirmation.
      The shipping time usually depends on customer's location and the delivery terms are thus defined by a shipping company that performs a delivery of a specific orders. The responsibility for the loss of products during shipment is on the shipping company.

Refunding & Returning

Neurotechnology provides 30 days money back guarantee for its software products and 14 days money back guarantee for MegaMatcher Accelerator products starting from the original date when the customer receives the product:

  • Neurotechnology will refund payment, excluding shipping expenses, if customer would like to return the purchased products "without any questions".
  • Customers from European Union member countries will be also refunded the Value Added Tax (VAT) for the product.
  • Shipping charges and VAT for shipping services are not refunded, unless a defect product had been shipped. Customers must arrange the shipping to the location designated by Neurotechnology and pay for it.
  • The software products must be deactivated before refunding. Neurotechnology will provide instructions on how to deactivate the products in question.
  • The following conditions must be met for the non-defect hardware product:
    • the product must function normally;
    • the product must have no external or internal damage;
    • the product must be in the original and not damaged package.

Changes to these Terms & Conditions.

Neurotechnology reserves the rights to change this document at any moment. If there is a change to these Terms & Conditions, a prominent notice will be posted on this page.

AFIS or multi-biometric fingerprint, iris, face and voice identification for large-scale systems.

Face identification for PC, mobile and Web solutions.

Fingerprint identification for PC, mobile and Web solutions.

Iris identification for PC, mobile and Web solutions.

Speaker recognition for PC, mobile and Web applications.

Ready-to-use robotics development kit.

More products for developers:

End-user products:
  • NCheck Bio Attendance – an attendance control application that uses fingerprint or face biometrics to perform persons identification.
  • NVeiler Video Filter – a plug-in for VirtualDub that automatically detects faces in a frame, tracks the faces (or other objects) in subsequent frames and hides them.
  • NPointer – a freeware application for gesture- and voice-based computer control that captures hand movements with a webcam and accepts voice commands.
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