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Prices for SentiSight

  • This document is effective October 12, 2015.
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SentiSight SDK (licensing model)
SentiSight 3.4 SDK € 339.00
SentiSight 3.4 installation licenses (prices per license)
1-9€ 45.00
10-19€ 33.00
20-49€ 29.00
50-99€ 25.00
100-199€ 23.00
200-499€ 21.00
500-999€ 19.00
1000-1999€ 17.00
2000-3999€ 15.00
4000-7999€ 13.00
8000 and morePlease contact us for more information
License management
Volume license manager€ 16.00
SentiSight enterprise license
SentiSight 3.4 enterprise licensePlease contact us for more information

Existing SentiSight 2.0 / 2.1 SDK customers may also review previous pricing model.

AFIS or multi-biometric fingerprint, iris, face and voice identification for large-scale systems.

Face identification for PC, mobile and Web solutions.

Fingerprint identification for PC, mobile and Web solutions.

Iris identification for PC, mobile and Web solutions.

Speaker recognition for PC, mobile and Web applications.

Ready-to-use robotics development kit.

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End-user products:
  • NCheck Bio Attendance – an attendance control application that uses fingerprint or face biometrics to perform persons identification.
  • NVeiler Video Filter – a plug-in for VirtualDub that automatically detects faces in a frame, tracks the faces (or other objects) in subsequent frames and hides them.
  • NPointer – a freeware application for gesture- and voice-based computer control that captures hand movements with a webcam and accepts voice commands.
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