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Ready-to-use robotics development kit

SentiBotics development kit is a ready-to-use robotic kit designed for researchers and hobbyists, who would like to focus on robot development. The kit includes a mobile autonomous robot with a manipulator, ROS-based development kit and full source code of all algorithms used in the robot software.

The robotic hardware requires only simple assembly and setup to start using it. The robot is able to perform navigation in a common environment, recognizes 3D objects, can grasp them and manipulate with them. The development kit includes a number of programming samples for the mentioned actions.

Advantages of SentiBotics

  • Robot hardware is included with instructions to assemble and setup.
  • Original proprietary algorithms for autonomous navigation, 3D object recognition and manipulation.
  • Development kit is based on the open and versatile ROS (Robot Operating System) frameworks.
  • Source code for the robotic algorithms is included.
  • Durable robot hardware is based on the components available on the market.
  • VeriLook and VeriSpeak can be used for biometric person recognition from the robot data.

Technology and development kit

  • SentiBotics algorithm and technology capabilities. The kit includes simple-to-setup robot hardware and software, based on ROS and original proprietary algorithms for navigation, computer vision and object manipulation. Read more
  • Robotic platform specifications. SentiBotics robot hardware is based on a tracked platform, which carries a computer, based on Intel NUC platform, a battery, a modular robotic manipulator and two 3D sensors. The manipulator has 8 degrees of freedom and can lift up to 0.5 kg payload. Read more
  • SentiBotics development kit contents. The development kit includes proprietary source code for the robot navigation, object recognition and grasping algorithms. Programming samples for environment mapping, navigation, object grasping and manipulation are also included. Read more
  • Navigation. SentiBotics robot needs to explore the environment and generate a special environment map for navigation. The map can be generated by manually directing the robot or by an automatic process. Later, the map is used for robot's autonomous navigation. Read more
  • Object learning, recognition and grasping. Arm-camera calibration should be performed at first. Then, a set of separate objects should be learned by SentiBotics software for further recognition. After that the robot is ready to recognize the learned objects from environment. Users may specify, which objects should be grasped. Read more

Licensing, prices and ordering

  • Pricing. SentiBotics kit costs € 24,000.
  • Licensing and ordering. Please contact us for more information on licensing SentiBotics kit and ordering it.
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Ready-to-use robotics development kit.

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