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MegaMatcher Accelerator Extreme

MegaMatcher Accelerator 13.1 Extreme is a family of biometric solutions for fast fingerprint, iris and face matching on the server-side of an AFIS or multi-biometric system. The solutions are intended for national-scale biometric identification projects with hundreds of millions of people enrolled in the database.

  • These biometric matching engines can be used with MegaMatcher Accelerator 13.1 Extreme:
    • Fast fingerprint, iris and face matching engines that can be used separately or together. See technical specifications for engine comparison and licensing model for engine availability.
    • Fingerprint, face, iris and voiceprint matching engines that can be used separately or together to validate matching results produced by the fast fingerprint, face and/or iris engines. See MegaMatcher SDK reliability tests for more information.
  • MegaMatcher Accelerator software is distributed as Docker containers for using on Linux OS.
  • Server hardware is optionally available. In this case the MegaMatcher Accelerator 13.1 Extreme software will be pre-installed by Neurotechnology on each unit, and the customers will receive ready-to use hardware/software solution.
    HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen11 server units are offered with these specifications:
    • 2 x Intel Xeon Gold 6416H processor (18 cores, 45M cache, 2.2 GHz);
    • RAM, depending on the number of biometric engines:
      • 512 GB RAM – for single biometric engine or two biometric engines;
      • 1024 GB RAM – for three biometric engines;
      • additional 512 GB RAM needed when large fingerprint templates are used.
    • SSD persistent storage drive(s)
      • HDD can be also offered, but it can decrease overall system performance
    • HPE iLO Advanced;
    • HPE Smart Array P408i-a SR Gen10 (8 Internal Lanes_2GB Cache) 12G.
  • Multiple MegaMatcher Accelerator 13.1 Extreme units can be combined using the included cluster software to reach a higher level of performance.

A client communication module is included with MegaMatcher 13.1 Extended SDK. The module allows the sending of a task to MegaMatcher Accelerator, querying the status of the task, retrieving the results and then removing the task. A high-level API is provided for the developer, all low-level communications are hidden.

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