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MegaMatcher Accelerator Development Edition

MegaMatcher Accelerator 13.1 Development Edition software is intended for developers who need to run MegaMatcher Accelerator software in-house for software development and support without the need to purchase a dedicated Standard or Extended unit. It is also suitable for deploying pilot projects, as well as biometric projects with up to several million people enrolled in the database.

  • Provides the same API for the developers as the Standard, Extended and Extreme versions of MegaMatcher Accelerator, thus the system deployment only requires to replace it with MegaMatcher Accelerator 13.1 Standard, Extended or Extreme.
  • Has the same database capacity as the MegaMatcher Accelerator 13.1 Standard, but lower matching speed.
  • Fast fingerprint, palmprint, iris, face and voiceprint matching engines can be used separately or together.
  • One free license is available with the MegaMatcher 13.1 Extended SDK.
  • MegaMatcher Accelerator software is distributed as Docker containers for using on a PC with Linux OS (see system requirements).
  • Hardware is not included.

A client communication module is included with MegaMatcher 13.1 SDK. The module allows the sending of a task to MegaMatcher Accelerator, querying the status of the task, retrieving the results and then removing the task. A high-level API is provided for the developer, all low-level communications are hidden.

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