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MegaMatcher ABIS Cloud Service

Turnkey multi-biometric solution for large-scale identification projects

MegaMatcher Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS) cloud service is designed to make the system more accessible from multiple platforms and locations. The 30-day trial and subscription for the service are available at the website.

The cloud service is based on the same MegaMatcher ABIS technology, which is used for on-premise systems. There is no need to purchase any hardware, as all resource-demanding tasks are performed on the cloud. In addition to the general advantages of using cloud architecture, the service features:

  • Flexible resources – enough data storage space and processing power can be offered based on the current project requirements. The subscription-based licensing allows to choose the required system performance for reaching project goals, while paying a reasonable price for the services. Such flexibility is especially useful for short-time tasks like database deduplication, as well as scalable systems.
  • Easy integration – web service-based RESTful API is designed for easy and quick integration with third-party systems. Additionally, Java and .NET SDK libraries are provided.
  • Security – the cloud service uses role-based access control with industry-standard authentication mechanisms. System activities are assessable for audit.
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