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On-premise System Architecture and Components

Large-scale biometric projects may have specific system requirements. MegaMatcher Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS) features modular architecture, which allows it to adapt to different functional and performance requirements.

MegaMatcher ABIS 13.1 is available as on-premise solution, which is described on this page, and as cloud service.

MegaMatcher ABIS 13.1 system architecture schema
MegaMatcher ABIS 13.1 architecture schema (click to zoom).
MegaMatcher ABIS 13.1 architecture schema
MegaMatcher ABIS 13.1 architecture schema

MegaMatcher ABIS 13.1 on-premise solution includes these services and applications:

MegaMatcher ABIS Client Applications

Enroll main
MegaMatcher ABIS client screenshot - enroll mainClick to zoom

Confirm enrollment
MegaMatcher ABIS client screenshot - confirm enrollmentClick to zoom

Adjudication main
MegaMatcher ABIS client screenshot - adjudication mainClick to zoom

Fingerprints adjudication
MegaMatcher ABIS client screenshot - fingerprints adjudicationClick to zoom

Main dashboard
MegaMatcher ABIS client screenshot - main dashboardClick to zoom

MegaMatcher ABIS Client Applications are modular network-based applications designed to operate with the MegaMatcher ABIS solution. They provide the following functionalities:

  • Enrollment – Biographic and biometric data registration toolset with enhanced data quality and integrity control. The toolset offers:
    • Multi-biometrics support – fingerprint, palmprint, face, voice and iris biometric modalities are supported.
    • Live biometric capture – a wide range of biometric devices is supported, including more than 150 fingerprint readers and iris scanners models, as well as out-of-the-shelf web and IP cameras. Person's biometric is captured in real time from stationary or mobile enrollment stations.
    • Quality assessment – evaluation of biometric data quality based on standard and proprietary algorithms
    • ICAO compliant facial image capturing – checks image pixelation, washed out colors, background uniformity, face darkness, skin tone, skin reflections, glasses reflections, red eyes and looking away eyes. The red eyes can be corrected automatically.
    • Signature pads support – person's signature can be captured for storing together with the biographic data.
    • Document scanning – data from passports and other personal ID documents can be imported using specialized scanners and automatically recognized.
  • Identity Management – the solution provides all necessary tools for maintaining identity registry, managing relationships between identities and processing exceptions:
    • Identity lifecycle management – includes registration, update and delete procedures.
    • Configurable workflow – possibility to define project specific matching and adjudication rules.
    • Customizable personal record – may include a user defined set of biographic attributes, documents and biometric modalities.
    • Adjudication – decision making on complex biometric operations, which can be based on automatic rulesets or forwarding the cases to human operators, who will review them using a specialized visual tool.
    • Galleries – grouping identities by certain attributes (i.e. geographic region, data owner), organizing them into separate and isolated watchlists and providing restricted access to each of them for specific users. This way multiple agencies can use the same system for their specific needs.
  • Data Analysis – includes a dedicated forensic analysis module for law enforcement applications, which provides these functionalities available out of the box:
    • Fingerprint capturing and latent editor – the latent editor is a visual tool which provides the ability to analyze the fingerprint image, perform automatic and manual enhancements as well as fingerprint feature points management. It is designed for the cases, when automated image processing is unable to extract all minutiae or extracts a lot of false minutiae from a latent fingerprint image (for example, taken from the crime scene). Therefore, an expert should manually edit a fingerprint template in order to submit it to the system for the identification.
    • Hand-drawn facial composite processing – a special algorithm allows to convert a facial composite, which was created by a trained artist using sketching or drawing techniques, to a realistic looking face image.
    • Facial anatomy evaluation – nose, mouth and eyes sizes can be separately evaluated to provide additional attributes for a face image.
    • Tattoo image recognition – this algorithm allows to extract certain information from a given tattoo image, store this information as a template and match this template with another temtplates stored in a database.
  • System administration – designed to manage and monitor MegaMatcher ABIS system using role-based access control and consists of the following parts:
    • System Management – provides ability to manage MegaMatcher ABIS system's state.
    • System Monitoring – dedicated for visual MegaMatcher ABIS real-time execution monitoring.
    • User Management – dedicated to create and revoke users as well as provide or restrict access permissions to particular MegaMatcher ABIS modules.
    • System Configuration – provides ability to define criteria for search engine (such as matching thresholds for identification and verification).
    • Report Generation – statistical reports with filtering possibility are provided for full MegaMatcher ABIS actions inspection.

MegaMatcher ABIS Client Application works on Microsoft Windows, Linux, Android and iOS.

MegaMatcher ABIS API

MegaMatcher ABIS API is a web services-based interface (RESTful) designed for easy and quick integration with third-party systems. It provides all necessary functionalities including identity management, adjudication and system administration. Integrators can develop client-side applications using the MegaMatcher ABIS API to meet specific requirements.

Management Service

MegaMatcher ABIS is designed to maintain system's integrity ensuring that individual operations are executed consistently. The Management Service is the core component of MegaMatcher ABIS responsible for orchestrating the work of all system services and managing the workflow of operations.

  • Transaction management – each operation forms a transaction which is passed through several stages:
    • Validation – ensures the sufficiency of provided biometric and demographic data.
    • Data preparation – conducts biometric data quality analysis, adjustments and biometric template extraction.
    • Matching – conducts biometric comparison using predefined parameters.
    • Adjudication – manual inspection of matching results.
  • Workflow management – the ability to adjust operation workflow to meet particular business needs.
  • Security – role-based access control ensures that user without privileges will not be able to execute a particular operation.

Image Processing Service

The Image Processing Service is based on MegaMatcher 13.1 biometric template extraction technology. This component is used for biometric data quality assessment and biometric data extraction from fingerprint, palmprint, latent print, face and iris images. Also, this component performs the mentioned operations with voice samples.

These functions are performed by the Image Processing Service:

  • Quality assessment – images with fingerprints, palmprints, latent prints, faces and irises are processed by proprietary and standard algorithms to determine their quality and suitability for biometric operations.
  • Fraud assessment – detection of non-human/synthetic biometric, e.g. finger liveness and presence of eye contact lens.
  • Compliance assessment – determination of fingerprint misplacement, facial occlusions, ICAO compliance etc.
  • Feature extraction – creation of proprietary biometric templates from the given fingerprint, palmprint, latent print, face and iris images, and voice samples.
  • Facial attributes detection – automatic age estimation and gender classification can be performed for a given facial image.

Matching Service

The Matching Service is a high-performance biometric engine which performs the following operations:

  • Identity verification – matching a biometric template against a selected database record (1-to-1).
  • Person identification – matching a biometric template against the whole database (1-to-all).
  • Records deduplication – matching all biometric templates in the database against each other (all-to-all). The questionable matching results are resolved via the adjudication procedure, either automatically or by human operators.

The service must be added to MegaMatcher Accelerator 13.1 and it allows the engine to execute ABIS specific functionalities.

The Matching Service is a scalable unit controlled by the Management Service. Multiple units can be arranged into a cluster to meet performance and capacity requirements for a specific project. Each particular Matching Service unit requires to be connected to the corresponding MegaMatcher Accelerator unit.


Taking into account different business needs and specific project requirements, some customization might be required. This may include developing custom user interface, workflow scenarios, person's record structure (biometric and demographic data, additional data fields).

Neurotechnology offers custom project development service for providing a customized MegaMatcher ABIS based solution, as well as implementing additional functionality.

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