MegaMatcher SDK

Large-scale AFIS and multi-biometric identification

MegaMatcher is designed for large-scale AFIS and multi-biometric systems developers. The technology ensures high reliability and speed of biometric identification even when using large databases.

Available as a software development kit that allows development of large-scale single- or multi-biometric fingerprint, iris, face, voice or palm print identification products for Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS and Android platforms.

Related products

  • MegaMatcher Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS) – an integrated multi-biometric solution for national-scale identification projects.
  • MegaMatcher Accelerator 9.0 – a software/hardware solution for building the server-side of a large-scale AFIS or multi-biometric system; available in Standard and Extended versions; a single MegaMatcher Accelerator Standard matches 35 million fingerprints per second or 70 million irises per second or 35 million faces per second, and the Extended matches 100 million fingerprints per second or 200 million irises per second or 100 million faces per second.
  • MegaMatcher On Card SDK – a product for fingerprint, iris and face matching on smart cards.
  • FingerCell SDK – for integrating fingerpint recognition into embedded platforms, like low-power, low-memory microcontrollers.
  • Single biometrics SDKs for stand-alone and Web-based solutions: