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Licensing NCheck Bio Attendance

A license for NCheck Bio Attendance application is required for each PC or each Android-based device that runs this application. The license is called single computer license.

Additional licenses for NCheck Bio Attendance application can be purchased at any time. Prices for the NCheck Bio Attendance licenses can be found here.

Please also refer to NCheck Bio Attendance Software License Agreement for all licensing terms and conditions.

Single computer license

A single computer license allows to install and run a NCheck Bio Attendance application installation on a single Personal Computer or a single Android-based device. The license will not be lost if computer will be reinstalled.

The installation license should be activated before starting using an NCheck Bio Attendance software installation. A deactivation is available in case the license needs to be moved to another PC or device.

The following license activation options are available:

  • automatic activation – the NCheck Bio Attendance application will communicate with Neurotechnology's server and perform all actions needed for activation. Note that this method requires Internet connection when activating or deactivating the license for a PC or device with the NCheck Bio Attendance software; after the license is activated, the PC or device no longer need to be connected to the Internet.
  • manual activation – this method is suitable when the PC or device with NCheck Bio Attendance software is not connected to the Internet. The manual activation requires to generate a hardware ID for the PC or device running the NCheck Bio Attendance software and request a license at Neurotechnology web site or by email. See NCheck Bio Attendance documentation for detailed instructions.
  • use a dongle – this method requires to purchase a dongle (special hardware token) that needs to be connected all the time to the USB port of the PC that runs the NCheck Bio Attendance software. No online registration required.

Single computer license activated over Internet or by email is not suitable for virtual environments. The dongle will be required.

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