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Duplicates search service

Neurotechnology offers duplicates search service for AFIS projects that need to perform biometric database deduplication but do not have dedicated resources to develop or obtain their own solution for this task. MegaMatcher Accelerator Extended unit is used for Duplicates Search Service.

Why Duplicates Search Service?

  • Saving money. In most projects database deduplication is a non-repeating task, thus there is no need to invest into a solution for duplicates search, no need to purchase any hardware and no need to develop biometric software or license it.
  • High reliability. Neurotechnology's duplicates search software is based on its own fingerprint, iris and face identification technologies, which have shown high template matching reliability during tests. See MegaMatcher Accelerator reliability testing results for more information.
  • Reasonable time. Neurotechnology is running a dedicated MegaMatcher Accelerator unit for this service. A duplicates search service in a database with 1 million fingerprints will take about two days to be completed.

Biometric Duplicates Search Task Complexity

Searching for duplicates in a biometric templates database is a task that requires to perform many computations, as each biometric template needs to be verified with each other template in the database.

This task has a quadratic complexity: if a templates' database becomes two times bigger, the duplicates search needs four times more computations; a three times bigger database needs nine times more computations, and so on. In other words, it will either take four times more time for deduplicating this double-size database, or it will require four times faster hardware to preserve the same search time.

Pricing and Other Information

Prices for fingerprint duplicates search depend on fingerprint database size.

Please, contact us to get a quote and other information about fingerprint duplicates search:

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