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VeriLook Standard SDK and Extended SDK

VeriLook SDK

VeriLook SDK is based on VeriLook face recognition technology and is intended for biometric systems developers and integrators. The SDK allows rapid development of biometric applications using functions from the VeriLook algorithm that ensure fast and reliable face identification. VeriLook can be easily integrated into the customer's security system. The integrator has complete control over SDK data input and output.

VeriLook SDK includes the Device Manager library that allows to perform simultaneous capture from multiple cameras. Integrators can write plug-ins to support their cameras or other devices using the plug-in framework provided with the Device Manager.

VeriLook is available as the following SDKs:

  • VeriLook 5.5 Standard SDK is designed for PC-based, embedded or mobile biometric application development. It includes Face Matcher and Extractor component licenses, programming samples and tutorials, Device Manager library and software documentation. The SDK allows the development of biometric applications for Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X or Android operating systems.
  • VeriLook 5.5 Extended SDK is designed for biometric Web-based and network application development. It includes all features and components of the Standard SDK. Additionally, the SDK contains Face Client component licenses for PCs and Android devices, sample client applications, tutorials and a ready-to-use matching server component.

The table below compares VeriLook 5.5 Standard SDK and VeriLook 5.5 Extended SDK. See the licensing model for more information on specific license types.

Component licenses included with a specific SDK
Component types VeriLook 5.5
Standard SDK
VeriLook 5.5
Extended SDK
 • Face Matcher 1 single computer license 1 single computer license
 • Embedded Face Matcher 1 single computer license 1 single computer license
 • Face Client (1)   3 single computer licenses
1 concurrent license
 • Embedded Face Client   3 single computer licenses
 • Face Extractor 1 single computer license 1 single computer license
 • Embedded Face Extractor 1 single computer license 1 single computer license
 • Matching Server   +

(1) Face Client component includes Face Extractor, Face Token Image and Face BSS components, which can be also obtained separately. The concurrent Face Client license may be also used for running the Embedded Face Client on multiple Android devices.

VeriLook 5.5 SDK includes programming samples and tutorials that show how to use the components of the SDK to perform face template extraction or matching against other templates. The samples and tutorials are available for these programming languages and platforms:

32 & 64 bit
32 & 64 bit
Mac OS X Android
Programming samples
 • C/C++ + + +  
 • C# +      
 • Visual Basic .NET +      
 • Sun Java 2 + + + +
Programming tutorials
 • C + + +  
 • C# +      
 • Visual Basic .NET +      
 • Sun Java 2 + + + +

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