VeriSpeak SDK

Speaker recognition for stand-alone or Web applications

VeriSpeak voice identification technology is designed for biometric system developers and integrators. The text-dependent speaker recognition algorithm assures system security by checking both voice and phrase authenticity. Voiceprint templates can be matched in 1-to-1 (verification) and 1-to-many (identification) modes.

Available as a software development kit that enables the development of stand-alone and Web-based speaker recognition applications on Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS and Android platforms.

SDK contents

VeriSpeak SDK is based on VeriSpeak voice recognition technology and is designed for biometric systems developers and integrators. The SDK allows rapid development of biometric applications using functions from the VeriSpeak algorithm. VeriSpeak can be easily integrated into the customer's security system. The integrator has complete control over SDK data input and output.

VeriSpeak is available as the following SDKs:

  • VeriSpeak Standard SDK is designed for PC-based, embedded or mobile biometric application development. It includes Voice Matcher and Extractor component licenses, programming samples and tutorials and software documentation. The SDK enables the development of biometric applications for Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Android operating systems.
  • VeriSpeak Extended SDK is designed for biometric Web-based and network application development. It includes all features and components of the Standard SDK with the addition of Voice Client component licenses for PCs and Android devices, sample client applications, tutorials and a ready-to-use matching server component.

The table below compares VeriSpeak 10.0 Standard SDK and VeriSpeak 10.0 Extended SDK. The list can be narrowed with filtering by certain requirements based on the target biometric system. See the licensing model for more information on specific license types.

Select the required biometric components:
Show all components
Filter the list of biometric components:
Fingerprint components
Face components
Iris components
Voice components
Palm print components
Server-side components (multiplatform)
Windows, Mac OS X or Linux client components
Android client components
iOS client components
ARM Linux client components

VeriSpeak SDK includes programming samples and tutorials that show how to use the components of the SDK to perform voice template extraction or matching against other templates. The samples and tutorials are available for these programming languages and platforms:

32 & 64 bit
32 & 64 bit
Mac OS X Android iOS
Programming samples
 • C/C++ + + +    
 • Objective-C         +
 • C# +        
 • Visual Basic .NET +        
 • Java + + + +  
Programming tutorials
 • C + + +    
 • C++ + + +    
 • C# +        
 • Visual Basic .NET +        
 • Java + + + +