FingerCell SDK

Fingerprint identification for embedded platforms

FingerCell technology is designed for embedded biometric systems developers and features compact, sensor-independent and cross-platform fingerprint recognition algorithm. It offers decent performance on various embedded devices based on low-power microcontrollers or processors.

FingerCell is available for integrators as Software Development Kits (SDK) with FingerCell library or source code for developing a fast and reliable system on embedded or mobile platform.


  • The prices are effective June 21, 2017.
  • Prices do not include local import duties or taxes.

FingerCell Library license

FingerCell Library license price consists of the following parts:
FingerCell 3.1 Library SDK package€ 2,400.00
70,000 FingerCell 3.1 installation licenses
(this is minimal quantity, larger quantities can be ordered – see the prices below)
€ 47,600.00
Library preparation for the particular platform and other custom worksDepends on the required time,
contact us for more information
Additional FingerCell 3.1 installation licenses (1) (2)
QuantityPrice per device
16,000 - 31,999€ 0.85
32,000 - 63,999€ 0.76
64,000 - 127,999€ 0.68
128,000 - 255,999€ 0.61
256,000 - 511,999€ 0.55


  1. The minimal number of licenses which can be purchased is 16,000 licenses.
  2. Quantity discounts are applied for the current order and do not accumulate over time.

FingerCell Library Enterprise license

FingerCell Library Enterprise license
FingerCell 3.1 Library Enterprise license€ 150,000.00

FingerCell Source code license

FingerCell Source code license
FingerCell 3.1 Source code license€ 250,000.00