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NVeiler Video Filter

Plug-in for VirtualDub that hides faces and objects

The NVeiler Video Filter is a plug-in for VirtualDub video processing software. The plug-in automatically detects faces in a frame and hides them by using pixelation effect. Also it is capable to track the moving faces in subsequent frames and hide them, as well as detect new faces without user intervention.

Users can choose to hide selected faces or parts of the faces, as well as use the plug-in for hiding other objects.

Download NVeiler Video Filter brochure (PDF)


  • Automatic face detection algorithm with configurable parameters.
  • Manual selection to obscure only required faces or their regions.
  • Can be also used for hiding other non-face items in videos.
  • Automatic tracking helps to hide the moving faces or objects in subsequent frames.
  • Based on our VeriLook and SentiSight technologies.
  • 30-day trial with full functionality available for download.


Hidden faces screenshot
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  • Plug-in features – The plug-in is able to perform automatic face detection in a video and hide the detected faces. The plug-in also allows to mark faces or any objects manually, allowing to hide only selected faces or other objects. Read more…
  • Technical details – Automatic face detection has configurable parameters that allows to improve face detection quality for a specific video. There are no limitation on video resolution or aspect ratio, but at least 640 x 480 pixels frame size is recommended for confident face detection. Read more…
  • System requirements – A 2.66 GHz processor is recommended. Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and VirtualDub 1.10.4 (or newer stable version) are required. Read more…
  • Download – NVeiler product brochure and fully functional 30-day trial version of NVeiler Video Filter plug-in are available for downloading.

Licensing, prices and ordering

  • Licensing NVeiler Video Filter plug-in – A license for NVeiler Video Filter plug-in is required for each PC that runs the plug-in. Read more…
  • Pricing – NVeiler Video Filter plug-in installation license costs € 24.00; larger quantities cost less. Optionally a dongle can be purchased for € 16.00. Read more
  • Pricing calculator – allows to determine the cost of ordered products and their shipping charges. Open pricing calculator
  • Order NVeiler Video Filter plug-in online – credit cards, PayPal and bank transfers are acceptable. Order NVeiler Video Filter plug-in online

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