NVeiler Video Filter

Plug-in for VirtualDub that hides faces and objects

Automatically detects faces in a frame and hides them by using pixelation effect. Also it is capable to track the moving faces in subsequent frames and hide them, as well as detect new faces without user intervention.

Users can choose to hide selected faces or parts of the faces, as well as use the plug-in for hiding other objects.

Features and Capabilities

  • Automatic face detection algorithm with configurable parameters.
  • Manual selection to obscure only required faces or their regions.
  • Can be also used for hiding logos, license plates and other objects in videos.
  • Automatic tracking helps to hide the moving faces or objects in subsequent frames.
  • Based on our VeriLook and SentiSight technologies.
  • 30-day trial with full functionality available for download.

NVeiler Video Filter provides these capabilities based on our face and object recognition and tracking technologies:

  • Automatic face detection – The plug-in's internal engine is able to detect faces in a frame. All detected faces will be pixelated. Users can configure face detection parameters or disable it.
  • Manual face selection – Users can select faces by hand if the automatic face detection is disabled. The selected faces will be hidden whereas non-selected faces will remain visible.
  • Face part or non-face objects hiding – The plug-in allows to select and hide a part of a face by choosing a corresponding rectangular region in a frame. Also this method allows to choose non-face objects to be hidden (i.e. car license plates, logos, etc.)
  • Automatic tracking – Users do not have to deal with all selected frames as each detected face or selected object will be tracked and obscured in all subsequent frames automatically until it will disappear.