MegaMatcher SDK

Large-scale AFIS and multi-biometric identification

MegaMatcher is designed for large-scale AFIS and multi-biometric systems developers. The technology ensures high reliability and speed of biometric identification even when using large databases.

Available as a software development kit that allows development of large-scale single- or multi-biometric fingerprint, iris, face, voice or palm print identification products for Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS and Android platforms.

Licensing Model for Value-added Resellers

In some cases, customers of MegaMatcher, VeriFinger, VeriLook, VeriEye and VeriSpeak SDKs may want not only to implement SDK based end-user products, but also to develop and sell their own software developing tools (own SDK, end-user products with additional developing possibilities etc.). An ordinary SDK license allows to integrate only end-user products, but does not allow incorporating Neurotechnology SDKs as part of development tool or software development kit, therefore a special Value-added Reseller (VAR) licensing model is required.

Neurotechnology offers VAR licensing model for the MegaMatcher 10.0 SDK. This VAR licensing model also covers VeriFinger 10.0 SDK, VeriLook 10.0 SDK, VeriEye 10.0 SDK and VeriSpeak 10.0 SDK.

Neurotechnology VARs has the following advantages respect other integrators:

  1. A VAR can develop and sell not only end-user products, but also their own Software Developing tools without API, pricing, licensing terms or functionality limitations from the Neurotechnology side.
  2. The VARs are required to buy only installation licenses from Neurotechnology, but they are not required to obtain SDK licenses, although they can sell such licenses themselves.
  3. The VARs can issue their own products (including their developing tools) with their own trademark and copyrights. Neurotechnology only requires to include a copyright notice about used algorithm in the VAR product documentation.
  4. VAR product licenses are specific for each VAR and incompatible with Neurotechnology or it other VARs or integrator licenses. Therefore, a VAR's customer can obtain further licenses only from VAR, but can't buy such licenses from other sources.

In order to become a VAR, a developer needs to obtain VAR licenses for any MegaMatcher 10.0 biometric component for at least EUR 3,500.00 or equivalent amount in other currency. The VAR will receive MegaMatcher 10.0 VAR SDK for technology integration into custom development tools or end user products. Additional VAR licenses for MegaMatcher 10.0 components can be purchased at any time.

The VAR licensing model is available only for Microsoft Windows platform.

Contact us for more information about VAR pricing and ordering.