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Technology Awards

VeriFinger fingerprint identification technology has received numerous awards in competitions and technology evaluations since its release in 1998.

MINEX evaluations by NIST

  • MINEX III evaluation was successfully passed in 2015. In 2023 Neurotechnology achieved first place in the fingerprint template matching category of the NIST MINEX III evaluation. Combined with the existing first position in the template generator interoperability category, Neurotechnology is the top vendor within the MINEX III evaluation overall. See our comments on MINEX III participation for more details about the results.
  • MINEX Ongoing evaluation was successfully passed in 2014. The second place in the Ongoing MINEX ranking for fingerprint matching algorithms was achieved. VeriFinger algorithm as part of the MegaMatcher technology was recognized by the NIST as fully MINEX compliant. Read more.

FVC-onGoing results

In 2020 Neurotechnology's fingerprint recognition algorithm has shown the top result at the FVC-onGoing evaluation. The fingerprint extractor and matcher, which are included in VeriFinger SDK as part of the MegaMatcher technology, were ranked as the most accurate for both FV-STD-1.0 and FV-HARD-1.0 benchmarks. Our press release has more information.

PFT II and PFT III (Proprietary Fingerprint Template) Evaluations

Different versions of Neurotechnology's fingerprint recognition algorithm were submitted to the NIST Proprietary Fingerprint Template Evaluation. The algorithm's template matching accuracy was among the best participants at the previous PFT II evaluation. Our latest submissions to the PFT II and the ongoing PFT III are in average the most accurate algorithms in all the tests. See our comments for more information.

SlapSeg III Evaluation

Neurotechnology's slap fingerprint segmentation algorithm showed off as a top performer in the SlapSeg III evaluation, featuring the fastest performance and almost the best accuracy in most categories of the SlapSeg III evaluation. See our comments for more information.

FpVTE (Fingerprint Vendor Technology Evaluations) by NIST

  • FpVTE 2012 – in 2015 NIST recognized Neurotechnology's fingerprint identification algorithm as one of the fastest and most accurate among the evaluation's participants. See our comments on FpVTE 2012 participation for more details about the results.
  • FpVTE 2003 – one of the best reliability results in the Middle Scale Test were shown. Neurotechnology participated in FpVTE 2003 under the name Neurotechnologija. See the FpVTE 2003 web site for a detailed report of the evaluation results.

WSQ 3.1 Certification by the FBI

In 2011 FBI certified Neurotechnology's implementation of WSQ image format support. Certificates and additional information are available.

FVC2006, FVC2004, FVC2002 and FVC2000 results

Neurotechnology participated in the Fingerprint Verification Competition several times and won numerous medals for reliability and performance. See the FVC2006 participation results, as well as FVC2004, FVC2002 and FVC2000 results for more information.

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