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MINEX Ongoing Compliance

See MINEX III Compliance for the latest results.

In 2014 MegaMatcher SDK fingerprint technology was recognized by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) as fully MINEX compliant and placed second in the Ongoing MINEX ranking for fingerprint matching algorithms.

MegaMatcher SDK has not only passed the MINEX Baseline Compliance requirement with all the previously submitted 63 feature extractors from 36 different companies, but also achieved second place for precision among all previously submitted matching algorithms in the Ongoing MINEX evaluation.

MINEX compliance is often a mandatory requirement in public tenders in the United States and many other countries worldwide, as well as in projects for private enterprises and consumer products. The MINEX compliance recognition allows to use MegaMatcher SDK in Personal Identity Verification program (PIV) applications and places it into the U.S. government buyers' certified list of fingerprint recognition algorithms.

The MINEX homepage contains downloadable full report of the NIST MINEX Ongoing. MegaMatcher SDK algorithm is denoted as 4T.

MegaMatcher fingerprint technology is also used in VeriFinger SDK.

See also our press release.

In 2007 previous version of MegaMatcher SDK was one of the several algorithms worldwide recognized as fully MINEX compliant for both fingerprint template encoding and matching.

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