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SDK Contents

SentiMask 2.0 SDK is intended for developers who want to use 3D face tracking for motion capture and digital character or avatar control in their applications or projects. The SDK allows rapid development of augmented reality applications using functions from the SentiMask library for Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, macOS and Linux platforms. Developers provide video streams from cameras as data input, and have complete control over the output data; therefore SentiMask SDK functions can be used with any user interface or third-party software, like 3D modelling packages or game engines.

SentiMask 2.0 SDK distribution package contains these components:

  • SentiMask 2.0 component installation license for PC (1 single computer license for Microsoft Windows, macOS or Linux)
  • Mobile SentiMask 2.0 component installation license (1 single computer license for Android or iOS)
  • Device manager library
  • C++ programming samples for Microsoft Windows, macOS and Linux platforms
  • Java programming samples for Android platform
  • Objective C programming samples for iOS platform
  • SentiMask 2.0 SDK documentation
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