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Specifications and Usage Recommendations

  • Only one face in a frame is processed. If there are more than one face in a frame, the largest one is processed.
  • 32 pixels is the recommended minimal distance between eyes for a face on image or video stream to perform face detection reliably. 64 pixels or more recommended for better face detection results. Note that this distance should be native, not achieved by resizing an image.
  • The SentiMask engine has certain tolerance to face posture:
    • head roll (tilt) – ±180 degrees;
    • head pitch (nod) – ±25 degrees from frontal position;
    • head yaw (bobble) – ±35 degrees from frontal position.
  • Face detection and facial features estimation in a video frame is performed in 8 milliseconds on a PC with Intel Core i7-4790 processor running at 3.6 GHz clock rate.
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