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My Working Day - Osvaldas Putkis story

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Osvaldas Putkis is engineering R&D head at Neurotechnology. He is focused on the Focusonics, BrainAccess, and Sentibotics products. His hourly journal shed some light on what a regular working day at Neurotechnology looks like.

The start at the office

I check my emails before leaving for work and discover that our second version of Focusonics speakers has passed tests for CE certification. On my way to work, I share the great news over the phone with my colleague, the lead engineer working on the speakers. We make plans for the immediate start of the first batch of production.

Coffee and responding to emails. Some internal and some external.

Ordering some supplies for our 3D printers. We are printing most of our hardware prototypes ourselves and even some parts in our products are now 3D printed.

A short chat with my colleague engineer working on a robotics project, deciding small things on the robot behavior and what would be the best approach in terms of its implementation.

Our team meeting. It is 10 of us working on 3 quite different projects and while some people are dedicated only to a particular project, it is nice for all of us to get together once a week and see how everybody's doing. We share the progress and go through the remaining tasks.

We get lunch with the team working at the office. With one of my engineers, we discuss the support we should provide to one of our recent clients. We then all continue to talk over random subjects, ranging from politics to weather.

Grabbing some coffee before returning to emails. The patent attorneys we hired need my response to the changes in the trademark description we are trying to register for one of our products. I go through it carefully, as it is a rather complicated text.

My teammates working on a robotics project invited me to have a look at how the robot is autonomously navigating through the office. We test a few things on the spot to see how the robot reacts to various obstacles. I am excited that it is getting closer to the final product.

Our hardware engineer approaches me to discuss some technical challenges he is facing with the mechanical design needed for the BrainAccess product. After a lengthy talk, we cannot find an obvious path to the solution of the problem and decide to continue working on other things. We agree to research the problem independently before meeting up again.

I am leaving the office to pick up my kid from kindergarten. One of the best perks of working at Neurotechnology is flexible work hours.

Work from home

Back home, I have a short call with the head of marketing to discuss the performance of our present promotion strategies as well as brainstorm ideas for the future.

On my mission to generate ideas for the mechanical problem discussed earlier with my teammate. It feels good to have a break from managerial tasks and tackle some engineering challenges. Generate some fresh ideas for consideration.

Check the emails and Slack to make sure there is nothing urgent before logging out of work.

Do you think you would enjoy such days in your workplace? Neurotechnology is constantly looking for new talents to join our team.

We stand out from other IT companies by offering a wide variety of distinct products and solutions. They range from biometric person identification, computer vision, and market sentiment monitoring, to robotics, brain-computer interface, and ultrasound technologies.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any experience or see yourself working in the following fields:

  • biometric recognition algorithm development
  • neural networks
  • computer vision
  • artificial intelligence

Email us ( your CV and motivation letter.

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