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Announcing SecuEra Technologies As A New Distributor For Neurotechnology

Now a provider of identity management solutions in addition to biometric and artificial intelligence technologies.

Vienna, VA, USA – December 22, 2015SecuEra Technologies, a leading provider and integrator of user-centric identity management solutions, has signed a distribution agreement with Neurotechnology, a provider of high-precision biometric identification technologies. Under the agreement, SecuEra will sell Neurotechnology's complete line of high quality MINEX III/FIPS 201/PIV certified products for multimodal biometric projects including fingerprint, face, iris, palm print and speaker identification and authentication. SecuEra will also provide custom development and integration services to help consumers implement optimized products both efficiently and economically.

The unprecedented global increase in duplicitous activities (i.e., forgery and security breaches) has made the traditional modes of authentication redundant and has driven businesses and government agencies to eliminate traditional identity checks. These organizations instead encourage biometrics as a more secure form of identification and authentication. Embedding biometrics for authentication enhances the security quotient and ensures a robustly secure environment, easing the worries of agencies that require trusted ecosystems such as those involved in explicit communication networks.

"People and corporations want confidentiality and accuracy, but they are not able to achieve it because security has always been complex to understand and costly to implement," said Gurpreet Manes, CEO of SecuEra Technologies. "SecuEra has spent years creating flexible platforms that are customizable and permit rapid integration and migration anywhere in the world for a variety of unified identity credentialing and authentication needs - without using passwords. We not only resell Neurotechnology products, but also leverage their algorithms to enhance the accuracy and security of our own identity management products. The benefit to our customers is a product with not only lower risks and costs of usage, but it is also scalable, modular, and hardware agnostic, which simplifies enrollment, personalization, and issuance processes."

"Many governments and private entities are constantly looking to biometrics, and often look to multimodal biometrics as part of their security solution. At the same time, they intend to ensure convenience to citizens and consumers. We have 25 years experience in the biometrics and AI industry, and during this period we developed a large software product portfolio, which includes our proprietary algorithms for the main biometric modalities demanded in identification and authentication projects of any scale," said Antonello Mincone, Business Development Manager at Neurotechnology. "We are glad to have established a distributor partnership with SecuEra to further strengthen our presence in the various biometric markets and prove to customers the quality of our products, especially in accuracy and speed."

SecuEra Technologies will sell Neurotechnology's algorithms and software development products for biometric fingerprint, face, iris, voice and palm print recognition. Product line includes:

  • MegaMatcher SDK – For AFIS or multi-biometric fingerprint, iris, face, and voice identification for large-scale systems.
  • VeriLook SDK – For face identification for PC, mobile, and Web solutions.
  • VeriFinger SDK – For fingerprint identification for PC, mobile, and Web solutions.
  • VeriEye SDK – For iris identification for PC, mobile, and Web solutions.
  • VeriSpeak SDK – For speaker recognition for PC, mobile, and Web applications.
  • SentiBotics – For ready-to-use robotics development kit.

SecuEra will display a selection of its product line at CES 2016, and is currently accepting meetings onsite. Contact Prateek Gupta, Marketing Specialist, for more information.

About Neurotechnology

Neurotechnology is a provider of high-precision software development products for biometric fingerprint, face, iris, palm print, voice identification, object recognition, AI, and robotics. Drawing from years of academic research in the fields of neuroinformatics, image processing, and pattern recognition, Neurotechnology was founded in 1990 in Vilnius, Lithuania, and released its first fingerprint identification system in 1991. Since that time the company has released more than 130 products and version upgrades for identification and verification of objects and personal identity. More than 3000 system integrators, security companies, and hardware providers integrate Neurotechnology's algorithms into their products, with millions of customer installations worldwide.

About SecuEra Technologies

SecuEra Technologies Inc., is a global secure identity management and authentication solutions provider. SecuEra's core focus is to provide multi-application credentialing anytime, anywhere to people and the Internet of Things. SecuEra caters customized services that adhere to standards such as (FIPS, NIST, ICAO, MINEX III) to provide PKI and Non-PKI based credentials with end-to-end solutions. Visit SecuEra Technologies at

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