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Neurotechnology Releases Update to its NCheck Bio Attendance Time and Attendance Solution

NCheck Bio Attendance 5.0 is an end-user software solution that enables users to quickly and easily log time and attendance on their smartphones, computers or dedicated devices using biometric fingerprint, iris or facial recognition.

Vilnius, Lithuania – September 25, 2019Neurotechnology, a provider of deep learning-based solutions and high-precision biometric identification technologies, today announced the latest update to its NCheck Bio Attendance end-user biometric system for time and attendance management using fingerprint, iris and facial recognition. The new version includes a number of enhancements that simplify user check-in/out using smartphones, computers or dedicated devices while making it easier for managers to collect and analyze attendance data, generate reports or use the data in a payroll system.

NCheck Bio Attendance can now be installed in private and public cloud environments as well as in more traditional client-server framework, and it has an improved user interface for system administrators. As with previous releases, GPS location data is automatically logged when users check-in and check-out. And the new NCheck API for user enrollment facilitates synchronization of user details and attendance events with other systems, incorporating and easily managing previously enrolled users.

"This NCheck release improves upon the previous version in every aspect," said Vaidas Didvalis, NCheck Project Manager for Neurotechnology. "It is also more interoperable, working seamlessly with other systems, and allows for easier integration into existing human resources related software."

The latest version includes enhanced facial recognition capabilities, including recognition of multiple faces from a single image: each person in a group photo can be identified and their attendance data will be automatically registered into the system. When video cameras are in use, live face detection is available. Should connection with the server be temporarily lost, offline user recognition is now an option.

With biometric fingerprint, iris and facial recognition, as well as RFID and barcode identification support, NCheck Bio Attendance provides a flexible solution for a wide range of applications, from time and attendance to scheduling of personnel and resources to check-ins at clinics and facilities, public or commercial.

NCheck Bio Attendance 5.0 is available through the NCheck or Neurotechnology websites. The entire biometric product line, as well as products for AI, robotics and object recognition, are available through Neurotechnology and from distributors worldwide. For more information, go to:

About Neurotechnology

Neurotechnology is a developer of high-precision algorithms and software based on deep neural networks and other AI-related technologies. The company was launched in 1990 in Vilnius, Lithuania, with the key idea of using neural networks for various applications, such as biometric person identification, computer vision, robotics and artificial intelligence. Since the first release of its fingerprint identification system in 1991, the company has delivered more than 200 products and version upgrades. More than 3,000 system integrators, security companies and hardware providers in more than 140 countries integrate Neurotechnology's algorithms into their products. The company's algorithms have achieved top results in independent technology evaluations, including NIST MINEX, PFT, FRVT, IREX and FVC-onGoing.

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