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Support during quarantine

Neurotechnology wants to assure that even if traveling possibilities are limited now due to COVID-19 quarantine, we continue full-scale partners and customers communication and support remotely:

  1. All our employees have availability of the necessary infrastructure to ensure the continuity of the support, sales, development and research activities from our office or from their home.
  2. We can perform system deployments through VPN and other tools for remote access to physical servers and clouds. We have long term experience with this kind of approach, and we have already successfully applied it in the past to several large scale installations at national level.
  3. We have a dedicated support team in our HQ, made by experienced developers, who are normally providing first and second level assistance, through emails and other remote communication channels, to all our customers.
  4. All the core algorithms and system functionalities are developed in our HQ in Vilnius, Lithuania, so we can also guarantee prompt third level support without interruptions.
  5. Having all the team physically located in the same country, we are not depending on COVID-19 restrictions imposed in other countries, and we can easily coordinate our work to provide remote deployments and support.

In addition, our software products consist of off-the-shelf development kits and solutions, inclusive of exhaustive documentations, samples and tutorials in different programming languages that help to understand and quickly start using the products' functionalities. Moreover for the most of the products we have 30-days trials, freely accessible from the download area of our website.

Further, our products' APIs vary in term of complexity and flexibility, and allow to balance the requirements for customizations and minimize the time to market.

Neurotechnology software products are the result of 30 years of company research in biometrics, A.I. and the creation of development kits and solutions that can fit a wide number of use cases and to adapt to different customers needs. Our products design reflect the experience that we gained from more than 3,000 customers worldwide, ranging from small enterprises up to large international corporate, non-governmental organizations and government departments in various countries.

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