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Case Study

Job market analysis solution for Panevėžys NOW

Neurotechnology used its digital job market analysis tool NetGeist HR to evaluate the current job market situation in Panevėžys, the fifth largest city in Lithuania.

  • 24/7/365 real-time, non-stop data updates
  • 10 million records stored in the extensive dataset
  • 500,000+ job offers analyzed
  • 20 years data timeframe
24/7/365 real-time, non-stop
data updates
10 million records stored
in the extensive dataset
500,000+ job offers analyzed
20 years data timeframe

The company has adapted the NetGeist HR solution specifically for Panevėžys to better understand the employment situation in the region and to provide relevant job market insights.

NetGeist HR is an AI-based solution that can collect, process, and analyze large amounts of publicly available job market data. The functionality of this tool can be tailored for a vast range of applications--from private companies seeking to better understand the supply and demand of professionals, to regional or national institutions promoting labor market development.

Vytas Mulevicius
"AI-based solutions are becoming increasingly important for the public sector, as well as state and governmental organizations, and for agencies that want to be more efficient and productive. Investors always look at the labor market situation when considering expansion – whether the right skills and experience are available in the region. To provide detailed information for such inquiries, an operational AI solution has been developed that continuously updates the collected data and, most importantly, allows it to be displayed and analyzed from various perspectives." Mr. Vytas Mulevičius,
AI Solutions Developer for Neurotechnology.

An Extensive Dataset for More Accurate Results

The core dataset comprises over 10 million records spanning the past 20 years, sourced from the Lithuanian Public Employment Service from all over the country. This data details both job positions sought by individuals and those offered by employers. Additionally, the database integrates information from over 500,000 job advertisements published on various job search portals over the last decade.

This is further complemented by publicly available data from "Sodra" on Lithuanian companies for the past five years. This data integrates information on the frequency and types of positions that these companies have sought to fill.

The "Panevėžys NOW" organization faced the challenge of finding a replacement for the time-consuming data collection process, in this case, the survey method.

The aim was to utilize the readily available public institution data, which, when applied with the right analysis methods, can provide valuable insights not only for the public sector but also for businesses, e.g. planning expansion and investments.

Panevėžys is one of the largest Lithuanian cities, which is looking for innovative solutions to attract possible investors. Such solutions contribute to the improvement of the job market in the region and the overall growth of the city, both urban and economic.

Jurate Raukstiene
"Neurotechnology offered us the right solution. With the ability to monitor the dynamic situation of the labor market supply and demand in real time, we can predict its changes and provide more accurate information to those interested in business development in Panevėžys as well as to the developers of relevant training programs." Mrs. Jūratė Raukštienė,
Business Development Project Manager of "Panevėžys NOW".

Key Features of the Solution

Neurotechnology's NetGeist HR can be applied to both the private and public sectors. It comes with an array of different features that can help to better grasp the employment opportunities:

1. Job Market Analysis from Multiple Perspectives

  • Discover which occupations are in high demand.
  • Compare job postings with CVs and new students entering the labor market.

2. Market Predictions Using Artificial Intelligence Technologies

  • Thousands of job postings are uploaded to employment websites daily, while hundreds of people are looking for work. Our AI solution reads this information and provides relevant insights.

3. Real-Time Data Updates

  • The data is updated 24/7, 365 days a year. Both the data and the code are checked and inspected continuously, to provide an error-free approach.

4. Visualizations via Charts and Tables

  • The visualizations of the data can be customized to meet the specific needs of the client.

5. Job Ad Translation and Keyword Analysis

  • Job postings and CVs are translated, keywords are extracted, and sentences about the specifics of the offered job and the requirements are highlighted.

6. Report Generation, Custom Themes, Advanced Filtering

  • The detailed results are presented in graphs and automatically generated reports.

About NetGeist HR

NetGeist HR offers a comprehensive solution for understanding a country's job market. By analyzing data from various sources, including job postings, CVs, and academic institution data, the tool can provide insights into job supply and demand, on-demand skills, and future trends. NetGeist HR is available via Neurotechnology and comes in Standard Plan and Customized Plan options.

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