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Free FingerPrint SDK

Postby tacis4real » Feb 05, 2018 15:23

Please can anyone be of help, am new to Biometrics and I have downloaded the free fingerprint SDK and extract it. I found the samples folder and ran the CSharp version of it, it works fine but I was trying to integrate it into my own custom App, i have added "Neurotec.Biometrics.Nffv.dll" as reference into my visual studio environment, call the Nffv.GetAvailableScannerModules() to load Scanners.

First error was;

Unable to load DLL "Nffv.dll": The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E)

But later when I stumble on to this forum and read some similar case, I copied these dll and exe file; (Nffv.dll, NffvServer.exe) into my project bin folder and rebuild my solution, now the error stop but Nffv.GetAvailableScannerModules() was returning empty string instead of Array of Scanners.

I don"t know where am getting it wrong.

Please help me
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Re: Free FingerPrint SDK

Postby MartynasV » Feb 06, 2018 14:33

Hello tacis4real,

Copy "FreeFingerprintVerificationSDK\bin\Win32_x86\fpsmm" directory to your application's working directory(those are scanners plugin files).
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