Normalized Iris Image

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Normalized Iris Image

Postby mmacedo » Apr 03, 2018 01:55

Hello, I was wondering if this SDK provides any function in which we could obtain a Normalized image from the iris.
I have found examples that Segment it and they work very well but I could not find any example that converts the Iris Image to a Normalized version of it such as the ones that use Daugman rubber sheet model.

That is what I have got so far:

NSubject _subject;
NIris _iris;
//Get file extension
var ext = new FileInfo(fileName).Extension;
var outputFileName = fileName + ".txt";
var tmpOutputFileName = fileName + "_TMP.txt";

// Create subject with selected iris image
_iris = new NIris { FileName = fileName, ImageType = NEImageType.Cropped };
irisView.Iris = _iris;
_subject = new NSubject();
// Start extraction
//var status = await _irisBiometricClient.CreateTemplateAsync(_subject);

NBiometricTask task = _irisBiometricClient.CreateTask(NBiometricOperations.Segment | NBiometricOperations.CreateTemplate, _subject);

LongActionDialog.ShowDialog(this, "Extracting ...", _irisBiometricClient.PerformTaskAsync(task).AsTask());

var iris = _subject.Irises[0];

var template = _subject.GetTemplate();

if (_subject.Irises.Count == 2)
var obj1 = _subject.Irises[0];
var segmentedImage = ((NIris)obj1.Objects[0].Child).Image;
segmentedImage.Save(fileName + "_cropped" + ext);

var obj2 = _subject.Irises[1];
var item = _subject.Irises[1].Objects[0];

var outerBoundaryPoints = item.OuterBoundaryPoints;

var innerBoundaryPoints = item.InnerBoundaryPoints;

Console.WriteLine(" iris radius = {0}", item.IrisRadius);

//Return the Iris
var newImage = GetCroppedImage(segmentedImage, item);
newImage.Save(fileName + "_newimage.png", NImageFormat.Png);

//I want to Transform the image (Convert Polar to Cartesian Coordinates?)
var transformedImage = GetTransformedImage(newImage);
transformedImage.Save(fileName + "_transformed.png", NImageFormat.Png);

Any help will be appreciated.
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Re: Normalized Iris Image

Postby MartynasV » Apr 04, 2018 15:11

Hello mmacedo,

If you are asking if there is a feature/function within the Neurotechnology SDK that allows a cropped and masked iris image to be "unrolled", then, unfortunately, the answer is no, we don't have this function in our SDK. But there is enough information extracted about iris, that you could do it yourself.
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