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Custom Database

Postby Shahriar » Dec 12, 2017 11:48

I am working with your Neurotec Biometric 10.0 SDK Trial. I have followed your tutorials and verify/identify/enroll face and fingerprint using your SDK. Since now there has been only 3 columns in my table, SubjectId ,Id and template. All is working superbly well but I was wondering if I want to work with my custom Table, or want to have extra column on the mentioned table. Can I work with them as I have worked with SubjectId. What is the procedure.
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Re: Custom Database

Postby Martynas » Dec 12, 2017 14:35


Use the NBiometricClient.Get() method to get the NSubject from the database.
Also if there are some additional fields in the database, which are used for enrolling additional biographic or custom data, then you should configure the NBiometricClient with that information. Read the documentation, section “ Biographic and Custom Data Support”.
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