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fingerprint encryption

PostPosted: Nov 30, 2017 22:23
by alexcecconi
Hello, an italian public administration is requesting my company for a fingerprint based project. They want to organize class courses in several local agencies and the attending people can access only via fingerprint recogniton. but they also want the fingerprint image to be encrypted as it is scanned by the reader and the encrypted file to be sent directly to the central server, without storing any information neither on the reader nor on the pc. There is a way to do that? thank you for your help!!

Re: fingerprint encryption

PostPosted: Dec 04, 2017 09:07
by MartynasV
Hello alexcecconi,

First we don't match fingerprint images, we extract templates from fingerprint images(from this point images are not required anymore), then we use those templates in matching. Templates contain extracted fingerprint data(e.g. minutiaes, cores, etc.), but they are not encrypted and our SDK doesn't have encryption options.

Also there was already questions about template encryption, it should be useful:

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.