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Finger Print scan/identify as REST resource

PostPosted: Nov 14, 2017 11:46
by ntota
Hi Team,
We have a requirement to scan/match fingerprint images of users. Our client has many branches and they wish to deploy application in one centralized location and consume the services in all other locations. So we need to write a REST endpoints which scans/matches the user fingerprint images from various locations.

But with Neuro apis , we found that we can scan/compare the images in only one location where the actual server (in which we copied all the required DLL files) is running. So do we have any solution to scan the fingerprint images from client machines and store them in to server?

Re: Finger Print scan/identify as REST resource

PostPosted: Nov 16, 2017 16:29
by MartynasV

Using our SDK you can write your own applications and if you need you can write capturing application, which would scan fingerprint images and store them to database.
Following tutorials should be helpful in achieving it:
"SDK\Tutorials\Biometrics\CS\EnrollFingerFromScannerCS" - captures image from scanner and extracts template.
"SDK\Tutorials\Biometrics\CS\IdentifyOnSQLiteDatabaseCS" - saves template to SQLite database, but you could use other database via ODBC connection instead(more info in documentation "5.3.4 ODBC").
"SDK\Tutorials\Biometrics\CS\EnrollToServerCS" - if you are using NServer, then follow this.
"SDK\Tutorials\Biometrics\CS\IdentifyCS" - identify(1:many matching) templates.