Suprema Biomini Slim S20 not detected

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Suprema Biomini Slim S20 not detected

Postby aguiral » Oct 10, 2017 07:58


I"m testing this device Suprema Biomini Slim S20 (product id 0412, vendor id 16d1 and driver version

I"m trying to run the samples included in FreeFingerprintVerificationSDK but always getting this message :

"Enrollment failed: reason : no scanner"

Scanner, of course, is properly detected by operating system ("device is working properly").

Could you please assist ?


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Re: Suprema Biomini Slim S20 not detected

Postby MartynasV » Oct 10, 2017 11:13

Hello Alfredo,

Supported scanners by Free Fingerprint SDK: ... nners.html, Suprema Biomini Slim S20 scanner is not supported.
Martynas V
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