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new ANType14Record

Postby Lynx » Jun 09, 2017 05:45

I am using Megamatcher SDK 4,5 rev 140840. I want to add a type14 record that represents an amputated finger (no-image).
Something like 14.003:1{GS}14.004:AFISTEST{GS}14.005:20080701{GS}14.013:1{GS}14.018:1{US}UP
I tried the following code
ANTemplate newTemplate = new ANTemplate("TEST", "TEST/TEST", "TEST/TEST", "1700005007D");

ANType14Record rec14 = (ANType14Record)newTemplate.getRecords().add(ANRecordType.getType14(),idc);
rec14.setSourceAgency("AFIS/AFIS"); --> Exception
com.neurotec.lang.NUnsupportedOperationException: The record is not validated
at com.neurotec.lang.RuntimeErrorCreator.create(
at com.neurotec.lang.ChainedErrorCreator.create(
at com.neurotec.lang.NError.get(
at com.neurotec.lang.NError.get(
at com.neurotec.lang.NError.getLast(
at com.neurotec.lang.NResult.checkUnchecked(
at com.neurotec.lang.NResult.raiseError(
at com.neurotec.lang.NResult.check(
at com.neurotec.biometrics.standards.ANASCIIBinaryRecord.setSourceAgency(ANA
What am i doing wrong? Can i make a different approach?
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Re: new ANType14Record

Postby Martynas » Jun 09, 2017 07:57


Lynx wrote:I am using Megamatcher SDK 4,5 rev 140840. I want to add a type14 record that represents an amputated finger (no-image).

There is no such functionality to add Type14 record without image. The description in NIST standard says that Type14 is used only for finger images. Field 14.018 is used to define, which finger in multifinger image is amputated or bandaged.
Also it makes no sense to create and use such record with no image. The purpose of the Type14 record is to transmit captured images to agencies that will automatically extract the desired feature information from the images for matching purposes.

So when you add the empty ANTypeRecord14 to ANTemplate it fails to be validated and you cannot edit unvalidated record fields.
So add the ANRecordType14 as it is shown in ANTemplateType14FromNImage tutorial.
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