Obtain biometrics device on Android

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Obtain biometrics device on Android

Postby cat110005 » Apr 10, 2017 06:35


I"m write a small test application with Android Studio.

I put Bin/Android/*.jar to project (app/libs) and put Lib/Android to project (app/src/main/jniLibs).

And add one module with neurotec-licensing-gui-andorid.aar.

Now facing the problem is my license have succeed.

Code: Select all
Obtaining "Devices.Cameras" license succeeded.
Obtaining Biometrics.FaceDetection" license succeeded.
Obtaining FaceExtraction" license succeeded.

When i use the following code to get the device
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NBiometricClient mBiometricClient = new NBiometricClient();
NDeviceManager deviceManager = mBiometricClient.getDeviceManager();
Log.i(TAG, "Count: " + mBiometricClient.getDeviceManager().getDevices().size());

Final results Count: 0.

Do not know what the attention of the place ???
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Re: Obtain biometrics device on Android

Postby andres_velasquez » May 19, 2017 21:20

Hi, did you have any update or support about this error?
it"s happening me too.
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