About Surveillance / SubjectAppered and ImageCaptured

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About Surveillance / SubjectAppered and ImageCaptured

Postby demirsoy » Mar 15, 2017 12:05


I have a trouble of getting face image of subject given by OnSubjectAppeared and also image of camera given by OnImageCaptured. I just want to these as bitmap so that i can use it.

When I look at simple code of sentiveillance, i can get what i want from :
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Surveillance.ImageCaptured += ForwardSurveillanceEvent;
Surveillance.SubjectAppeared += ForwardSurveillanceEvent;
Surveillance.SubjectTrack += ForwardSurveillanceEvent;
Surveillance.SubjectDisappeared += ForwardSurveillanceEvent;

However in SubjectAppeared, there is a property named as image but it gets all the time null.

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private void OnSubjectAppeared(SurveillanceEventData e)
            //There is e.Image, but null

About this issue, if you can help me I"ll be very pleased.

Thanks in advance.

What I"m working on is => SentiVeillance_5_0_SDK_TrialSamplesSurveillanceCSSimpleSurveillanceSampleCS

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Re: About Surveillance / SubjectAppered and ImageCaptured

Postby MartynasV » Mar 17, 2017 10:24


You can get bitmap image this way:
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e.Image.ToBitmap(); // Image is NImage type

In SimpleSurveillanceSampleCS, in CountSubjects.cs form, in "private void ForwardSurveillanceEvent(object sender, NSurveillanceEventArgs e)" method, when case is "NSurveillanceEventType.SubjectAppeared" you can get image this way:
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