How to prevent enrolling the same finger twice

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How to prevent enrolling the same finger twice

Postby zinc » Mar 04, 2017 09:03

This regards Product revision number: 123025 (Neurotech 5.0).

When using the AbisSampleCS.exe to record 10 fingers in a single template, using a single fingerprint scanner (U.are.U 4000B), it is possible to "cheat" and place the same finger 10 times on the scanner, instead of place of the 10 fingers one by one. More specifically, when prompted to place the left little finger, I for instance, place the left index instead.
Then, when prompted to place the left ring finger, again, I place the same index; the when prompted to place the left middle finger, again I place the same index, and so forth, until I have all ten fingers extacted (but in fact it is the same finger 10 times), which in fact are only the same index finger repeated 10 times.

Then, when selecting "Enroll with duplicate check", the enrollment works without any problem (as long as the finger does not exist in the db).

How can we ensure that the same finger is not repeated when creating a single template of 10 fingers? Is it possible to compare the 10 fingers against each other prior enrollment or prior making the fused template to ensure that one finger has not been placed more than one time?

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Re: How to prevent enrolling the same finger twice

Postby Martynas » Mar 06, 2017 07:40


SDK has a possibility to check the scanned fingerprints for duplicates. Go to AbisSample -> Settings and check the check box "Check for duplicates when capturing".
This function will require a Finger Matcher license on the computer where this functionality is used. Also this can be used only with if the fingerprint scanner is used as source of fingers.
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