Multiple subject collections for identification

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Multiple subject collections for identification

Postby jacobg » Sep 12, 2016 01:26

My application has many different subject collections in which I may want to identify a face. In the old version of your API, I called libNBiometrics.NMIdentifyStartEx, libNBiometrics.NMIdentifyNextEx, and libNBiometrics.NMIdentifyEnd. Based on business logic, I choose which reference collection to use for identification, and then stream in each reference template until I find a match. But it looks like in your current version, those API methods no longer exist.

From looking at your current tutorials and documentation, it looks like the enrolled collection of subjects is set directly on the NBiometricClient. But there's a couple issues about it that I'm clear on:
1) Do I need to create a new NBiometricClient for each of these collections, or is there a different scope I can operate on?
2) How do I stream in reference templates, so that I don't have to build up the entire reference collection before doing identify operations? I'd rather avoid having to prebuild and cache every collection due to memory constraints.

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