Single Computer Activation Mode

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Single Computer Activation Mode

Postby vineet » Nov 08, 2008 20:52

Product name and version - Verifinger SDK 6.0 Avert.exe
Copy protection type -- Licensed version
Your operating system -- Windows XP
Your fingerprint scanner model ---Futronic FS88
The programming language on which you develop - VC++ (6.0)
Optionally, your PC's hardware (processor type and frequency, RAM etc.)
Intel based - dual core 1.8 ghz - 1gb ram

When I attach a dongle (select server with volume license key) I am able to verify the License key. The pgd.conf looks like

Mode = server
Port = 5000
Address =

My VC++ code works fine when I use IsLibraryRegistered function

But when I register as client using Avert.exe and adds matcher and extractor lic keys - it does generates a
pgd file which looks like
Mode = single
LicenseFile = C:\Program Files\Avert\CDLS Client\Activation\extractor.lic
LicenseFile = C:\Program Files\Avert\CDLS Client\Activation\matcher.lic

When I verify in my C++ code it always returns error "Not registered"

Here is my code.

Code: Select all
DLL_EXPORT int WINAPI IsLibraryRegistered()

   int res;
   LogEvent("in IsLibraryRegistered");
   if(res != NTrue)
      LogEvent("library not registered");
   if(res != NTrue)
      LogEvent("Nfe not registered");

   res =NMIsRegistered();
   if (res != NTrue)
      LogEvent("NMLibrary not registered. Error %d\n", res);

   return 0;

Can you please help me what am I doing wrong here?
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